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What is the Current Number of Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is the host of Infowars. Although banned from several social media sites for spreading his bigoted and violent conspiracy theories, Jones still has a significant audience. In this article, we look at some of the issues surrounding him, including His defamation lawsuits against the Sandy Hook parents, his financial situation, and his snooping.

Infowars’ Alex Jones

Infowars is a website that specializes in conspiracy theories. Founded by Alex Jones, it has become a powerful brand and financial empire through the sale of misinformation and self-help dietary products. Unfortunately, this has also led to the harassment of innocent people.

Alex Jones has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories that are based on fake news. He was responsible for spreading a libelous story about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, which was actually untrue. He also falsely claimed that the bombing was orchestrated by the federal government. These stories have since led to the harassment of the family members of the victims.

Alex Jones has been charged with several counts of defamation and has been the subject of three lawsuits by the Sandy Hook families. He was found guilty of defamation in one of the trials. He is now facing two more trials.

His defamation lawsuits against Sandy Hook parents

The defamation lawsuits filed against InfoWars host Alex Jones by parents of Sandy Hook elementary school victims will proceed to trial. The parents claim that Jones made the Sandy Hook shooting “a hoax” and called the Sandy Hook parents “paid actors.” While the lawsuits were initially dismissed, Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that Jones was liable by default for the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuits filed against him. The parents want Jones to pay millions in damages.

Two of the families have hired security after they had a chance to meet with Jones. The lawsuits were filed after Jones made claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a government conspiracy. In fact, the Sandy Hook parents were harmed by the claims of Jones, who characterized the shooting as a hoax. The families also say that Jones’ defamation claims led to their children being deceived.

His financial situation

If you’ve ever wondered what Alex Jones’s phone number is, you’re not alone. There are several people with the same name who broadcast infowars on the Internet. Some are called Alex Jones; others go by other names. The radio host is a popular source of news, despite being banned from most major tech platforms. Despite this, Alex Jones’ website continues to attract millions of viewers. In fact, many parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre have claimed that their children have been harassed by Alex Jones’ show for years.

Although Jones’ show has been controversial, viewers have still flocked to the show for his conspiracy theories. Some viewers have even made death threats and stalked his family. Some viewers have even accused Jones of hiding millions of dollars.

His snooping habits

Alex Jones is a popular television personality with a controversial past. He was involved in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Kelly Jones. The two were married in 2007 and had three children. In 2013, they filed for divorce. In 2017, Jones lost his primary custody of the children. Instead, Kelly was awarded shared custody and the right to decide where her children will live.

Alex Jones has a following of millions of people who watch his show. Even though most major tech platforms have banned him, his viewers can still watch his videos on his own website. The parents of the victims of Sandy Hook have accused him of using conspiracy theories to harass them for years.

His relationship with his ex-wife

Alex Jones’s ex-wife Kelly Jones filed for divorce in the year 2013, but their custody battle was not finalized until last year. Kelly Jones is now claiming that she has phone data that could prove Alex Jones’ abuse of his children. The two have three daughters, ages 4, and 6. Kelly Jones was granted custody of the children in 2017.

Jones is now facing a court hearing in which he will have to explain his involvement with a spy ring that was hired to spy on his ex-wife. According to reports, Jones hired a helicopter to spy on his ex-wife, which was terrifying for her daughter.

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