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What is Alexa Bliss?

If you’re a wrestling fan, you may have a few questions about Alexa Bliss. She’s a professional wrestler who’s had more characters than any other woman in the WWE. Her feud with Randy Orton and relationship with Ryan Cabrera are among the more famous examples.

About Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is an American professional wrestler. She is currently signed to the WWE. She performs under the ring name “Alexa Bliss.” She signed a contract with the company in 2013 and was assigned to their developmental brand, NXT. Alexa has been in the WWE for two years.

Before she became a professional wrestler, Bliss had an eating disorder. She nearly died from it. Luckily, her parents were able to trick her into visiting the hospital. The doctors told her parents that she was near death. This event turned out to be an important turning point in her life and gave her the courage to succeed in the WWE.

In addition to being a professional wrestler, Alexa Bliss loves spending time at Disney theme parks. She and her family often visit the parks together. She once dreamed of playing Tinkerbell at the Magic Kingdom. She even mentioned this in an interview! In addition, Bliss spends a lot of time hanging out with WWE Superstars.

While fans know her as a heel in the WWE, there is much more to the talented and charismatic Alexa Bliss. Her background is one of the most interesting among all WWE stars. She is one of the first of a new breed of Diva, and she is also an accomplished martial artist.

Alexa Bliss was born in Columbus, Ohio, and has been involved in sports since she was a child. She has competed in track and field, gymnastics, and kickboxing. She was also a cheerleader at her high school. She then went on to compete in the Division I level at the University of Akron. She was also a member of the WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

After being drafted by WWE, Bliss was called up to the main roster in the summer of 2016. She debuted on SmackDown in July, winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. In August, she teamed with Nikki Bella and Natalya in the Six-Pack Elimination Challenge. She was not able to win the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Championship, but she did win the SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Her career

As far as the WWE is concerned, Alexa Bliss has had a strange year. The former NXT superstar didn’t make it to WrestleMania, but she did win the 24/7 title. She also had a successful run as the character Dark Alexa, which had supernatural powers that helped her beat Randy Orton on pay-per-view. The dumb doll, a trademark of the character, is still in her ring bag and sells very well in the WWE Shop.

In February, Alexa Bliss competed in a match at Elimination Chamber. Her opponent was Bianca Belair. Since then, she has not appeared in WWE television. The reason behind this is that she has been busy planning her wedding. However, she is expected to make a comeback in the future.

WWE’s internal depth chart ranks her as the second-biggest babyface. However, that doesn’t mean she’s unworthy of the value she has on Monday Night Raw. Despite her low profile, Bliss’ popularity remains high and is highly respected by the company. She’s also currently the holder of the WWE 24/7 Championship.

However, Bliss’s status in the WWE ranks is more complicated than that of other wrestlers. She is still the first woman to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship and Raw Women’s Championship twice. She has also won six WWE titles. The current number of Alexa Bliss’s ring position on Raw is 2. Her other big rival, Rhea Ripley, is the number one babyface on the red brand, while Nia Jax is listed as the number three babyface.

Alexa Bliss was born on August 9, 1991, in Columbus, Ohio, and signed to the WWE in May 2013. She made her televised debut on an episode of NXT in July 2013, where she congratulated Paige. In August of 2013, she was added to the NXT roster and given the ring name Alexa Bliss.

After the Superstar Shake-Up, Bliss was transferred to RAW. At Payback, she defeated Bayley, becoming the first woman to hold both RAW and SmackDown Women’s championships at the same time. She later won the Raw Women’s Championship and a Money in the Bank match.

Her feud with Randy Orton

The feud between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton has recently hit the internet. The match between the two stars at Fastlane caused quite a stir and the Internet was buzzing about it. However, the feud isn’t as bad as some fans made it out to be. It’s still very early and Orton has said he’s open to new ideas.

As a woman, Alexa Bliss has had a weird year. While she didn’t make it to WrestleMania, she did manage to win the 24/7 Women’s Championship. In the process, she’s also taken the time to play the role of Dark Alexa. In that role, she possessed supernatural powers and beat Orton on pay-per-view. Even today, she’s carrying a dumb doll, which seems to be selling well on the WWE Shop. She also recently said that she feels like her character is in limbo.

In the past, Orton has been feuding with Bray Wyatt, but hasn’t appeared on WWE programming in months. In his last match, he burned Wyatt to death at TLC, but it’s likely that Orton will face Alexa Bliss soon after. The two have been taunting each other for quite some time. Perhaps they will finally go one-on-one and settle their old feud.

The current number of social media followers for Randy Orton is the highest among all Superstars, almost a million ahead of Alexa Bliss. Despite this, Orton is very active on social media. This ensures that he’s engaging with the audience. Currently, he has over six million fans.

It’s not that Alexa Bliss isn’t talented enough to compete with Orton, though. She’s a great heel, and she’s been around for a while. Whether or not she’ll come back is another matter. She’s got name value, and it’s a good reason to keep watching her.

The feud between Orton and Alexa Bliss is on a high level, and it’s likely that the number of matches between the two will only increase. It’s no secret that a heel won the title, but that doesn’t mean the feud between the two will end. This feud is one of the most controversial in wrestling history, and there are numerous reasons why it’s still going strong.

Her relationship with Ryan Cabrera

While she hasn’t wrestled for quite a while, Alexa Bliss is a popular face in the WWE. She has more character changes than any other woman on the roster. She has been listed as the number two babyface on the Raw roster. However, her future is ambiguous.

After being beaten by Bianca Belair during the Elimination Chamber match in February, Bliss has been out of the spotlight. Since then, Bliss has been taking time off to prepare for her wedding. But this doesn’t mean she’ll never return to the ring.

Bliss returned to the ring on March 11, 2015, and defeated Carmella and Sasha Banks in non-title matches. She then faced Sasha Banks for the championship on March 25. Her next title match was against Carmella in April, and she won it by a countout.

Alexa Bliss’ WWE career began in 2013, when she competed in NXT. She eventually went on to win the Women’s Championship on both Raw and SmackDown Live. She also had close rivalries with other women Superstars. However, she has not made it easy to get in touch with her, so it’s hard to get in touch with her on a personal level.

In the same year, Bliss signed her first contract with WWE. She became the first female to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Her next big move was to transfer to the Raw brand. In April 2017, she won the Women’s Raw Championship. She then won the Women’s Championship at ‘Money in the Bank’, becoming the first woman to do so.

Alexa Bliss returned to the ring on May 9th, wearing traditional ring gear. She is also back with a new character. Previously, Bliss was attached to Bray Wyatt. However, according to Metro, she feels that being herself on TV is boring and she is trying to come up with something that will appeal to her fans.

Alexa Bliss has appeared in numerous television shows and on the world stage since her debut in 2010. She is a three-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

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Regarding the WWE wrestler, she became the first woman to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice. She later switched to the Raw brand and became the Raw Women’s Championship in April 2017, making her the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. event. Highlights In a 2014 episode of NXT, she faced Alicia Fox and Charlotte, defeating the former and losing to the latter. Family life was born in Alexis Kaufman, she grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and later settled in Tampa, Florida. Her parents are Angela and Bob Kaufman. In 2015, she was engaged to wrestler Buddy Murphy; but they eventually cancelled it. She and singer Ryan Cabrera (Ryan Cabrera) were engaged on November 14, 2020. She helped set up the stage for the entry of wrestler Triple H at the 2014 WrestleMania XXX event.

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