Ariel phone number

Ariel  phone number


Lead singer of the alternative group Icon for Hire, which formed in 2007. Their self-titled record peaked at #5 on the iTunes Alternative chart.

Before Fame

She founded Icon For Hire in 2007 along with guitarist Shawn Jump and drummer Adam Kronshagen.


Ariel (pronounced “R-E-L”) designs and personally makes clothing for her own fashion line, Custom Catastrophes.

Family Life

She was born in Sweden and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota at the age of 6. She later moved to Decatur, Illinois where the band originated. She has been married to fellow Icon for Hire guitarist Shawn Jump.

Associated With

Bassist Josh Kincheloe joined her in Icon for Hire in 2011.

What should not be done with the downloaded number?
Remember – if you publish the downloaded number on, it may happen that Ariel changes the phone number because too many fans will want to contact him.

The number I downloaded is not working, what should I do?
Sometimes it is. The numbers are not always correct and you should accept that. The best solution is if you visit our website in some time. Maybe we will update the number and it will be correct next time.

Are there any rules for using the downloaded number?
Of course there are. Remember not to call Ariel dozens of times a day. Remember that he is very busy and will not always have time to pick up. Also, remember that there are others who want to call Ariel . You are not the only fan of him, so let other people talk to him.

Is there anything else I can do when the number given does not answer?
You can let us know. Write a comment and don’t worry about anything. Maybe we can search for the current number on the Internet and find it.

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