Brooke Norris phone number


Matriarch of the Norris family that gained YouTube fame through the channel The Norris Nuts.

Before Fame

She is a former junior swimming champion.


Her family’s YouTube channel which stars her children has earned more than 4.9 million subscribers.

Family Life

She and her husband Justin Norris are parents to children named Sabre, Biggy, Sockie, Naz, Disco and Charm Norris. 

Associated With

Her daughter Sabre appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she was 11 years old.

The number I downloaded is not working, what should I do?
Sometimes it is. The numbers are not always correct and you should accept that. The best solution is if you visit our website in some time. Maybe we will update the number and it will be correct next time.

What should not be done with the downloaded number?
Remember – if you publish the downloaded number on, it may happen that Brooke Norris changes the phone number because too many fans will want to contact him.

How often are the numbers on your website updated?
We only update the numbers when someone notifies us that they are not working. We read comments and messages from our users to do all this on a regular basis.

Are there any rules for using the downloaded number?
Of course there are. Remember not to call Brooke Norris dozens of times a day. Remember that he is very busy and will not always have time to pick up. Also, remember that there are others who want to call Brooke Norris . You are not the only fan of him, so let other people talk to him.

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