Zak Bagans  phone number
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Zak Bagans phone number

About Host of the Travel Channel’s paranormal series Ghost Adventures who founded the Ghost Adventures Crew. Before Fame He found work as a wedding DJ after graduating from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. Trivia He hosted the series Paranormal Challenge in 2011. Family Life In 2019, he began dating Holly Madison. He was previously in a relationship…

Jimmy Fallon  phone number
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Jimmy Fallon phone number

About Comedian and actor who became known for his impressions of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live. He hosted NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014, then took over for Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show. Before Fame He studied Computer Science while attending The College of…

Andrea Espada  phone number
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Andrea Espada phone number

About Colombian television personality who found fame as the host of UFC Now. She is also known for her very popular Instagram account, where her selfies and comedy sketches have earned her over 6 million followers. She also shares vlogs on her family’s web group, The Royalty Family. Before Fame She moved from Colombia to the…

Oprah Winfrey  phone number
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Oprah Winfrey phone number

About Television host and producer who was named the most influential woman in the world by TIME magazine and hosted The Oprah Winfrey Show, the highest-rated syndicated program on air, from 1986 to 2011. Before Fame She was raped at age nine, and when she was fourteen, she had a premature baby that didn’t survive….

Jerry Springer  phone number
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Jerry Springer phone number

About Former mayor of Cincinnati who rose to fame for hosting the outlandish TV show The Jerry Springer Show. The show became known for its outrageous moments, including onstage fights and scandalous behavior. Before Fame He graduated in 1965 with a political science degree from Tulane University. Trivia His nickname is the Sultan of Salaciousness. He…

Ellen DeGeneres  phone number
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Ellen DeGeneres phone number

About Comedian who starred on the sitcom Ellen in the ’90s then went on to host the popular talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has had roles in such films as Mr. Wrong, EDtv, and The Love Letter, and she voices the character Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Before Fame She worked as a bartender and house…

Dr. Phil  phone number
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Dr. Phil phone number

About Pop culture self-help guru who began his career on an Oprah Winfrey program. He earned his doctorate degree from Frank Lawlis, who later appeared as a psychologist on his show. Before Fame He played college football at the University of Tulsa and Midwestern State University. Trivia He famously visited Britney Spears while she was in the…