AJ Lee  phone number
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AJ Lee phone number

About Former wrestler who won her first WWE Divas Championship in June 2013. After her wrestling career, she became a New York Times Best Selling author as well as a social media phenomenon with over 1 million Instagram followers. Before Fame She grew up in motels and friends’ houses, and decided to become a professional…

Beetlejuice  phone number
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Beetlejuice phone number

About Born Lester Napoleon Green and better known by the stage name of Beetlejuice, this frequent Howard Stern Show comedy performer participated in the Killers of Comedy Tour. Before Fame He was afflicted from birth with both dwarfism and microcephaly. When he was a child, his father (whose brother was a circus performer) tried to…

Randy Orton  phone number
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Randy Orton phone number

About Third-generation professional wrestler who became the youngest person to hold the WWE Heavyweight Champion at age 24. He became the Grand Slam Champion in 2018. Before Fame He attended Hazelwood Central High School and after joining the United States Marine Corps in 1998, and received a bad conduct discharge for going AWOL and disobeying…

Triple H  phone number
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Triple H phone number

About Born Paul Michael Levesque, he became known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, son-in-law of WWE chairman and founder, Vince McMahon. Before Fame He watched Ric Flair wrestle on television and became a body builder after graduating high school in 1987. He won the bodybuilding crown of Teenage Mr. New Hampshire in 1988. Trivia He is…

Brock Lesnar  phone number
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Brock Lesnar phone number

About He was named the WWE King of the Ring in 2002 after winning the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship. He joined the UFC in 2007. Before Fame He won the NCAA wrestling championships and amassed a 106-5 record in four years of wrestling, and was cut from the Minnesota Vikings during the preseason. Trivia He won…

Stephanie McMahon  phone number
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Stephanie McMahon phone number

About Vice President of the WWE. She was active in the wrestling industry for more than two decades. Before Fame As a teenager, she worked as a WWF advertising model. Trivia She was a one-time Women’s Champion during her short-lived wrestling career. Family Life She married WWE wrestler Paul Levesque aka Triple H in 2003; the couple…

Charlotte Flair  phone number
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Charlotte Flair phone number

About Born Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, she is a professional wrestler who became the NXT Women’s Champion in 2014. She has also won four Raw Women’s Championships and four SmackDown Women’s Championships. She has been given the nickname Nature Girl due to her being the daughter of Ric Flair, AKA Nature Boy. Before Fame She attended…

Bayley  phone number
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Bayley phone number

About Professional wrestler who became the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Sasha Banks. She’s known for her time in the WWE’s developmental wrestling branch NXT. She previously wrestled for promotions like Shine Wrestling and NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Before Fame She began attending matches put on by the Northern California-based promotion Big Time…

Mandy Rose  phone number
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Mandy Rose phone number

About Blogger who runs the site House of Rose. She co-founded Marriage More with her husband to help couples focus on their marriage first. She has more than 30,000 followers on her houseofrose Instagram account. Before Fame She graduated from Master’s in Business Administration and then worked in health care for five years. Trivia She quit her full-time job in November 2011…

Flex  phone number
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Flex phone number

About Panamanian reggaeton artist better known by his stage name DJ Flex. He previously adopted a racist stage name in response to being told he “sings like an African,” but he has removed all references to this nickname in his US releases to avoid backlash. In 2012, his website was in the top 5,000 sites…