Saffron Barker  phone number
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Saffron Barker phone number

About Social media influencer who teamed up with three other girls to form the band Born2Blush. They released an original single called “24seven.” Her entertaining, self-titled vlog channel on YouTube earned her more than 2.4 million subscribers. In 2019, she competed on Strictly Come Dancing. Before Fame Before creating her B2Bsaffron Twitter account, she had signed…

Cole LaBrant  phone number
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Cole LaBrant phone number

About Social star best known for running the collaborative YouTube channel The LaBrant Fam, formerly known as Cole&Sav with his wife Savannah LaBrant. He and Savannah are known for posting fun family videos such as family announcements and pranks featuring Savannah’s daughter Everleigh to the channel, which has earned over 12 million subscribers. Before Fame He first gained fame as a…

Mia Fizz  phone number
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Mia Fizz phone number

About Star of the YouTube show Family Fizz alongside her younger sister Sienna. They are widely known for their family vlogs, silly challenges and food posts. She later went on to create her own channel called Mia’s Life, which quickly accrued over 1 million subscribers. Before Fame Their channel originally went under the name Vegan Kid TV after…

Adi Fishman  phone number
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Adi Fishman phone number

About Comedy content creator and collaborator on the Free Time YouTube channel, known for their challenge videos based on current trends. He also had a channel with Nick Mayorga called Whatever Time, which earned over 800,000 subscribers. Before Fame He and his brother Tal Fishman launched the Free Time YouTube channel in April of 2014. Trivia He and Tal’s comedy YouTube channel has…

Grace Mulgrew  phone number
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Grace Mulgrew phone number

About YouTube content creator known for the channel Grace’s World, where her father helps her share Barbie doll content with more than 2.3 million subscribers. She’s also had a channel called Grace’s Room which has accumulated over 700,000 subscribers. Before Fame Her YouTube channel was created in May of 2012 under the username gjmulgrew. Her first…

Alex Wassabi  phone number
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Alex Wassabi phone number

About YouTuber who runs the extremely popular channel Wassabi, which has earned over 11 million subscribers. He also has a self-titled vlogging channel which has amassed another 2 million subscribers. Before Fame He launched his channel as Wassabi Productions originally with his former comedy partner Roi Fabito. Trivia He developed a substantial following on the 6-second…

Dhar Mann  phone number
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Dhar Mann phone number

About Known for founding the WeGrow medical marijuana franchise in 2010 and the subscription makeup club LiveGlam in 2015. Before Fame While studying political science and economics at the University of California, Davis, he founded a real estate brokerage company. Trivia After establishing WeGrow in California in 2010, he quickly opened branches of the business…

RonaldOMG  phone number
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RonaldOMG phone number

About Roblox gamer who is popular on YouTube, with more than 3.8 million subscribers. He also enjoys playing Minecraft. Before Fame He uploaded a first video in February of 2016 which he called “Minecraft: BLOODIEST NIGHT | Kids learning how to play Survival Mode.” Trivia Some of his most watched videos are part of a Murder Mystery…

Rosanna Pansino  phone number
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Rosanna Pansino phone number

About Creator of the hit YouTube baking show Nerdy Nummies who signed with Kin Community, one of the top multi-channel networks for women on YouTube. Her self-titled YouTube channel has earned over 12 million subscribers. She’d also star as Violet on the YouTube series Broken Quest. Before Fame She was an aspiring actress and was even…

Matt Slays  phone number
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Matt Slays phone number

About Musician who works alongside Joshua David Evans. He has a Matt Slays YouTube channel where he posts music of his own, but he also works as a lyricist, songwriter and music producer. His full name is Matt Yoakum. Before Fame He attended Western Oregon University from 2000 to 2004 and began working in sales for Hilton Hotels…