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Due to the great success of Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games has released its latest stable version, the fifth edition. This game is highly popular and played by many people around the world. However, there are a lot of people who would like to install GTA 5 on an Android smartphone. Today you can finally download GTA 5 highly compressed for Android.

The release of Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 was first announced by Rockstar Games on 25 October 2011 and finally released on 17 September 2013. GTA 5 is the seventeenth instalment in Grand Theft Auto series and currently holds Guinness World Record for most expensive video game ever made (with budget of USD 260 million). GTA 5 Android is set in fictional city of Los Santos, San Andreas.

The upside of playing Grand Theft Auto V on Android

GTA V Android version works on almost all Android devices. It uses a new game engine, which has been tweaked to fit mobile devices’ needs . It was ported to Android highly compressed so it doesn’t take too much of your internal storage. It is a community project and therefore you can enjoy the free download of GTA 5 APK OBB.

The storyline

Download GTA 5 highly compressed for Android

The story of GTA V game starts off with a bank job where you and your three fellow gang members rob a bank which ends up in a wild car-chase through the city. After robbing the money and running away you do what most criminal’s dream of doing and that is going into hiding from those trying to track them down. As always there are those out trying to find you.

The similarities between GTA IV and GTA V

For those who have played GTA 4 , you should already be familiar with the gameplay. GTA 5 APK has much resemblance to its previous title but also introduces new modes, characters, HD graphics and features including:

  • First person mode : choose from 1st or 3rd person perspective when playing the game.  3rd person gives a better view for those who want to appreciate impressive HD graphics of the GTA game while 1st person is good for targeting enemies.  This feature was included in GTA 4 but GTA 5 APK also allows players to switch between perspectives at any point, even during cut scenes!
  • New camera mode: GTA 5 APK OBB introduces new cinematic “Photographers eye view” when players are in cover or being chased by the police. This function makes playing GTA V more like an action movie. GTA 5 APK OBB also has an improved slow motion mode which can be used twice per mission.
  • Online multiplayer: GTA Online is GTA 5’s online play where friends can pair up and play missions over network together.
  • New main characters : Trevor Philips  (voiced by Steven Ogg) , Franklin Clinton (voiced by Shawn Fonteno) and Michael De Santa (voiced by Ned Luke). Previously depicted in GTA 4 as part of the supporting cast, all three are now playable protagonists when you download GTA 5 APK. 

Michael de Santa as the first protagonist in GTA 5 Android

The main protagonist of the latest version of GTA V is Michael De Santa  who retired from his life as a bank robber after making millions, but ended up returning to it in order to support his family who didn’t appreciate him when he tried being honest. 

Michael’s former partners begin to contact him with offers that are too good too refuse. After joining up with his old friends they try to execute one more big heist, then retire again.

gta 5 apk highly compressed

Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V

An another protagonist you can find when you decide to try GTA 5 APK download is Trevor Phillips. Trevor is not the GTA 5 APK OBB protagonist you want to play as if you are looking for someone who is purely good. Trevor definitely has his motives and makes it clear that he isn’t particularly interested in taking on any missions that are outside of his own interest. 

Trevor is obsessed with money and power. Trevor clearly has an addiction problem too. Trevor’s anger also surfaces quickly when he is in a fight, making him especially dangerous in certain situations. Trevor has no care for the lives of others either.

Meet Franklin

The lat GTA 5 playable character is Franklin Clinton. Franklin is the up-and-coming young street hustler of Los Santos, who is willing to risk it all to achieve the American Dream. Franklin is at times accompanied by his best friend Lamar Davis, who had known Franklin since they were teenagers. 

Franklin is also close with other members of Lamar’s gang, including Tavell Clinton and Tonya Wiggins. Franklin is one of the three playable protagonists in GTA V for Android devices.

Enjoy GTA Online on your Android device

GTA V Online, the online multiplayer component of GTA V, opened up on October 1, 2013 after nearly 3 weeks of extensive maintenance and server updates. All players who own an Android smartphone are able to access GTA 5 for Phone Online game. 

GTA 5 APK download on a mobile phone is fast thanks to the highly compressed APK OBB data package. Downloadable content is always added to the latest version of the Android OBB file. That includes new missions involving all three characters, cars, weapons etc.

Download GTA 5 highly compressed for Android

Now we would like to present you with an option to download and install GTA 5 APK OBB on your Android devices. As you all know, GTA 5 for mobile is not like other games from the GTA series as it has high-quality graphics along with smooth controls and immersive gameplay. 

The game has been highly compressed, so all you need is to download GTA V APK Mod file and find the Downloads Android folder, then run the installer on your Android operating system.

It is a full version of the game

Grand Theft Auto V for Android brings the biggest open world in the series so far. There are three protagonists that you can control throughout this adventure, and they each have their own personalities to keep things interesting. Along with the open world game you expect from a GTA full version, there’s also a story which takes many hours to complete.

This is all pretty amazing considering that GTA V game has come to the Android device without any major hitches or problems. The same can’t be said for some other titles that have hit the Google Play Store.

highly compressed gta 5 for android

Download GTA 5 highly compressed APK for free

GTA V is a free download and it is a full version of the game. The OBB file and the data file download automatically into your Android folder. Simply download APK and install GTA on your Andorid phone and you’re set, as APK OBB data will download instantly during the installation process of GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto V for Android phone has so far been an amazing experience on my devices. No matter what device I’m using it’s always incredibly smooth and makes me feel like I’m playing a console version of the game rather than something optimized specifically for Android touch screens. It looks fantastic too and stays true to one of the top open-world games on the market today. 

No need for any coding skills - just install the game and play

highly compressed gta 5 apk

While this isn’t exclusive to GTA: San Andreas, Rockstar did add in some additional security measures to try and keep people from saving the data file and the OBB folder to your Android. This means you will have to wait a little after you download the game to your Downloads folder.

As you all know that the recent release of GTA 5 on both Android and iOS raised much hype among gamers. However, the Android game was released as a “shell” version which means it can’t actually be played without any additional data to go with it. This is where you need the obb files to help your game run smoothly. The free download of GTA 5 will allow you to install the game without any special skills.

How to install GTA 5 highly compressed on Android

To install GTA 5 game on Android, simply follow our guide here . We’ve worked hard to make sure you spend as little time as possible finding and downloading obb files.

  1. Download the highly compressed APK file from THIS page
  2. Run the installer on your Android device
  3. The game will install and download OBB and data files during the process
  4. Run the game and enjoy!

For the sake of making sure the game works smoothly, it’s highly recommended you download the APK Android file from our website. You can get itby clicking this link here:

If you found any dead links or trouble downloading an OBB file, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section at the end of this post.

See what's new in GTA 5 for Android in this highly compressed version

New Features & Fixes: 

  • Fixed several random crashes both in Campaign and Co-op 
  • Improved stability on all supported Android devices 
  • Additional fixes for Game Controllers including improved button mapping * Improvements to In-App audio notifications 
  • Tweaked stopping power against AI to make shooting slightly more realistic (more bullet impact killing enemies) 
  • Improvements to Auto Aim and Target Assist 
  • Tweaked Cover system behaviour

New content has arrived

Whats new? We’ve added a complete list of changes down below: 

  • NEW Content – Three new cars have been added to the in-game car stores: Pegassi Osiris, Benefactor Surano and Dinka Vindicator. These vehicles are available to purchase immediately in GTA Online. 
  • The “View Leaderboard” option is now accessible by pressing the Options button while in a GTA Online session. 
  • Considering Invites – awarded for inviting another player to join a Job or invite another player into an invite only session. 
  • Loaded up – awarded for having your current car loaded with items from Pegasus, Legendary Motorsport or any other location. 

As part of this download we’ve also increased the number and variation of props available in Rockstar Editor and shown these off two new Rockstar Editor trailers – the first, a cheeky Rockstar Editor commercial and second another ‘making of’ which goes into detail on how to record and edit your own videos using the tool.

The highly compressed file will save you a ton of space in the internal storage

gta 5 apk obb download for android highly compressed

For those who are still rocking their Android devices, you can now download GTA 5 apk to check out what’s inside this game. The download is free and fast due to the high level of compression applied to the APK file.

The game was just released a few days ago, but already it is turning out to be the most popular mobile game ever. We are not really sure how Rockstar will feel about GTA 5 Portable because given their record, they are more focused on consoles and PCs.

Having said that, if you have an Android phone or tablet with decent specs, chances are your device will be able to carry GTA 5 quite well without too much hiccups along the way. Don’t get us wrong here, even though this is a community version of the game being made available by our developers, some very old devices will not be able to handle the HD graphics.

The best features of GTA V on Android

If you decide to go ahead and test out the APK (which you will need to enable unknown sources for on your Android device) then let us know how you progressed in the game. 

Here is what this GTA 5 APK Data file contains: 

  • Graphics options – 1080p @ 30fps (New!) 
  • Max settings, textures, shadows & grass view distance (must be enabled manually) 
  • Draw distance (medium/far/very far)

As usual, there are two files you can download here: GTA 5 APK and GTA 5 for iOS.

Make sure to pay attention while extracting the zip file because we didn’t include an extra folder for one of these files and it could lead to some trouble if you do not know what you’re doing. The APK version already has the OBB folder inside for automatic extraction.

Wait no longer and try the highly compressed GTA 5 mobile version

highly compressed gta v apk

The highly compressed GTA 5 for Android enables you to play Grand Theft Auto on any mobile device. This game is made for everyone who wants to enjoy the gameplay of this popular series without having a gaming computer or console. GTA 5 APK is a full version of the game. This makes playing GTA 5 Android APK so much better than streaming it to your Android device. I

If you prefer not to download an APK file, we also provide OBBs with data and savegames. Do you want those as well? Let us know in the comments below! Your feedback is very valuable for us. Thanks to you we can always improve the GTA 5 Android and make a new modified version for you to download!

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