GTA 5: Cheat codes, the list of all phone numbers

How do I use the telephone numbers within GTA 5

There is a way to input specific codes on game consoles of version for PC version, or to perform combination keys using Xbox One and PS4 to enable the cheating feature in GTA 5, you can also make use of your game’s cell phone to reach your goals. For activation option, all you have just press the upper button of the directional arrow on your controller for the mentioned consoles or use”T” or the “T” as well as the “Space” button on your PC. The method is, unfortunately not supported on the PS3 as well as the Xbox 360 consoles.

You will then be required to log into your contacts list and then press “X” to activate the cheat on Xbox One, “Square” on PS4 and “Space” or the wheel button on the PC to open your numeric keyboard. After that, dial the phone number for the cheat you wish to activate. If you wish to activate the cheat previously used simply press”*” “*” button.

But before making application of the cheat code in GTA 5 We recommend keep your games saved because cheating on the game will remove the trophies/successes that are currently in the session. If you’d like to restore these, you’ll need to start the game again or the console ( Xbox One or PS4).

Contact numbers to find weapons

  • Take Weapons 1-999-8865-87Allows you to use all weapons within GTA 5, allowing you to test the weapon on Los Santos law enforcement or the handful of civilians who are walking around.
  • Explosive ammunition 1-999-444-439Because of this phone number, the bullets that are coming out of the barrels of your weapon are more hazardous than normal, with the possibility of exploding upon contact with the intended target.
  • Flammable ammunition – 1-999-462-363-4279The bullets emitted by your weapon will ignite your targets as well as non-human targets upon impact.
  • Slowed aim – 1-999-332-393Allows you to take the chance to focus your weapon. You can enter the phone number as many times as you want to boost its effectiveness The fifth time will deactivate the cheat.
  • Explosive punches – 1-999-484-2637Get your martial arts master in a frenzied manner. Your kicks and punches will be particularly intense, and most importantly, explosive.

Phone numbers for search level

  • Lower search level – 1-999-5299-3787Take one star off the search level.
  • Enhance search levels – 1-999-3844-883The search difficulty can be increased by one star to boost GTA 5’s difficulty. GTA 5.

Vehicle phone numbers

  • BMX (Bike) 1-999-226-348 1-999-226-348It brings up an BMX bike.
  • Buzzard (Combat Helicopter) – 1-999-289-9633It makes a small helicopter for combat appear.
  • Golf caddy – 1-999-4653-46-1Creates the appearance of a golf caddy.
  • Comet (Sports Car) – 1-999-266-38It’s a sports car with two seats that can appear.
  • Duster (Plane) – 1-999-359-77729It makes an Duster Biplane appears.
  • Limousine – 1-999-846-39663Creates the appearance of a limousine.
  • PCJ-600 (Motorcycle) – 1-999-762-538It makes a motorcycle appear.
  • Rapid GT (Sports Car) 1-999-727-4348It is a sports car with two seats.
  • Sanchez (Moto-cross) – 1-999-633-7623The motocross is ideal for riding on the rocky landscape in Los Santos.
  • Aerobatic plane 1-999-2276-78676It makes an acrobatic plane appear.
  • Trashmaster (Garbage Truck) – 1-999-872-433Creates the appearance of a garbage truck.
  • Slippery cars – 1-999-766-9329Cars will be unable to have any control on roads.

Weather Phone Numbers

  • Weather change – 1-999-625-348-746You can make it rain or shine at GTA 5 and change the weather according to your mood.
  • Moon Gravity – 1-999-356-2837Would you like to check the lunar gravity, without the 380,000 km Earth-Moon trip? If so, feel free to dial this number.

Character skill phone numbers

  • Fast running mode – 1-999-228-2463This will increase your speed to the maximum.
  • Fast swim – 1-999-468-44557Enhances your swimming speed.
  • Super jump 1-999-467-86-48The length increases of your jumps and allows you to easily move from one place to the next.
  • Invincibility – 1-999-724-654-5537You can become invincible for a short duration of just a few minutes.
  • Recharge special skill – 1-999-769-3787Recharge the skill for the individual you are controlling.
  • Highest health level and armour – 1-999-87-853Inflate the gauges of armor and health up to the max.

Numerous and various phone numbers

  • Drunk Mode – 1-999-547-861Be completely drunk, and not having a drop of alcohol.
  • Freefall – 1-999-759-3255Try a freefall with no parachute to ensure your landing.
  • Parachute – 1-999-759-3483Make sure you have a parachute in place for a safe landing.
  • Ralenti (Slow moving) 1-999-756-966It will slow down the game the game GTA 5. You can dial the number 3 times or more to boost its impact The fourth call will deactivate the cheat.

If you’re looking for cheat codes or GTA five cheating codes for a specific platform, we encourage you to take a peek at the numerous guides that offer cheat codes for consoles like Sony, PS4 and PS3 as well as the ones which are Microsoft, Xbox One and Xbox 360, without forgetting the PC players who are evolving.

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