GTA 5 for iPad now available for everyone

Today is the day iPad gamers burst into the dance of joy. GTA 5 for iPad has finally been released, and it’s an incredibly well-ported game.

As expected, the developers created a special user interface for this version’s touch display. In addition, they implemented their controls scheme, which we believe will please both fans and those who never played GTA 5 before.

The introduction to the mobile GTA 5 iPad edition

The entire content of Grand Theft Auto V is now at players’ fingertips: main features include every protagonist, every main mission and side activity (including golf), and all places and vehicles that can be discovered in-game.

gta v for ipad

You can either fly solo or team up with friends to complete multiplayer activities such as races, deathmatches, gauntlet runs atop Mt Chiliad, survival mode at the Lost MC clubhouse or heists. No matter what gameplay style you prefer, the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto V iOS version has it all.

Although it is not an official port, everything is topped off with advanced graphics, and we’re not talking about the remote play here. Instead, we’re talking about the iOS mobile version download.

Let us remind you of the Grand Theft Auto V main characters

Michael is GTA 5 for iPad main protagonist, Franklin is the “middle man”, and Trevor is GTA 5’s crazy villain. GTA 5 features all three characters as playable protagonists, giving mobile gamers the chance to enjoy Michael’s story with an altogether different perspective or to play GTA as Franklin before jumping into GTA Online with him.

Meet Grand Theft Auto V's Michael De Santa

Michael is GTA 5’s main protagonist. He is most likely about 45 years old (he mentions his son was born in 1980). Michael used to be a bank robber but now works for himself, doing missions for people who can afford it.

The youngest of the GTA 5 team

Franklin is GTA 5’s second protagonist. He lives in South Central LA, where he gets caught up with Michael, who wants him to pull some jobs for him.

gta 5 for ipad

Although Franklin is not like the typical GTA protagonist – he does not kill people (he kills people at least once), but he doesn’t mind if people die by accident – Michael convinces him that trying new things can be good for your life. Franklin steals cars for a living, but GTA 5’s story gets complicated when Michael asks him to do more jobs.

The good, the bad, and the Trevor Phillips of the Grand Theft Auto mobile for iOS

Trevor is GTA 5’s crazy villain. He was once good friends with GTA 4 protagonist Niko Bellic but lived in the desert after being kicked out of GTA 4’s Airforce base.

GTA 5 for iPad starts with Trevor being attacked by The Lost Motorcycle Club – a group of bikers that live in Blaine County and hate on anyone who isn’t part of their gang (the same guys Niko works for). Trevor is on medication, but it seems that his love for drugs and alcohol may ruin him one day soon.

How well does the GTA 5 mobile perform on an iPad

We’ll be using our brand new benchmarking app to gauge the Grand Theft Auto V performance on iPad Air 2. We want to treat mobile games just as we would treat all other PC games. So it will help us measure FPS in all locations throughout Los Santos and Blaine County and stress test an iPhone or iPod Touch to reveal its limits.

We can see how much hardware power your devices have by using the app since it will soon feature an official leaderboard. Rockstar Games probably wouldn’t like to see some of their fans racing faster than Franklin! But enough talk – let’s start this article with simple mobile download instructions.

Download GTA 5 for iPad in a few simple steps

You can download and play GTA 5 on iPad by following these steps:

  • Go to the Grand Theft Auto V mobile download page on our website
  • Download the mobile game appropriate for your OS (iPad means you want to download the iOS version)
  • Run the installation process by opening the file
  • Go to your games folder and run the game
  • Enjoy GTA 5 and enjoy all the new features
  • Optional: enable internet connection to join online games

The game is amazing - you must play it

ipad gta 5

As you can see, the game doesn’t only look and play great on all devices – it also fits the hardware capabilities well. 

You may expect to run mobile GTA V smoothly on your iPhone 6s or another current iOS device, but the truth is that gauntlet runs require a bit more horsepower than handsets can currently offer…

And while some older iPad models struggle with framerate drops, the gameplay is buttery smooth on others. We’re saying this because newer iPads have beefier CPUs and GPUs that are wasted in passive activities such as driving or capturing photos.

This fact must mean the developers optimized their settings for each supported hardware configuration rather well!

The benchmarks give the Grand Theft Auto game 10 out of 10

We want to mention one more thing before finishing up this article – the latest version of the mobile GTA 5 for iPad has a built-in benchmarking tool. To use it, start the game and wait until Michael’s character steps out of his car at night while you play (at around 1:06 mark).

Now pan upwards and look for a glowing object. It should be static and easy to spot against the dark sky. Aim precisely at it and press LMB to activate the benchmark sequence. 

Alternatively, you can walk towards this location when you play Grand Theft Auto 5 mobile and tap RMB when your character reaches this area (the marker appears shortly after the gauntlet icon appears on your screen).

Following either method will show you the Grand Theft Auto benchmark result after a short animation.

Let us introduce the best features of Grand Theft Auto V for iPad

Amongst other features, this list contains all the optimizations that allow you to play this amazing game on iOS without any lag whatsoever.

  • Improved and enhanced graphics that outmatch other mobile games
  • Online games added to the library
  • Availability to play games such as golf, racing, and other activities
  • New customization features for both characters and cars
  • Availability to play the game in mobile low-res mode to save battery life
  • Full support for iPadOS 15

We may write a separate article that focuses solely on Grand Theft Auto 5 performance on different devices in the future, but for now, you will have to settle with our gauntlet run video.

Tell us your thoughts about Grand Theft Auto game for iPad

gta 5 on ipad

We hope you enjoyed this article and are now looking forward to GTA 5 official game release for iPhone and iPod touch. We also hope that future GTA-series games will run great on iOS devices because what we’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto V is incredible, especially for a game that runs at an average of ~25 FPS on iPad Air 2.

Do you believe this GTA 5 for iPad have been possible if Apple didn’t lift 32-bit app restrictions? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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