GTA 5 for Phone is incredible

Grand Theft Auto V has been one of the most successful video games of all time. The game was released in September 2013, generating billions of dollars within its first day.

They call it one of the best games ever created

The game’s success is due to a few reasons – the ability to explore the open-world city, interact with other gamers online, and have complete freedom in terms of gameplay. For example, in GTA 5 for phone players can choose their path regarding what they want to do during the game instead of being given missions they must complete. 

Players can also create their own stories through missions or by robbing stores or other players if they are driving on the same road.

gta 5 android mobile requirements

There is still room for improvement

However, the game is not perfect. Many fans have criticized GTA V for its lack of customizability for character creation or for changing your character’s appearance after they have been created. The addition of customizable clothing, hairstyles, and changing body types would make the game more popular among players.

Today you can download GTA 5 to your Android phone or any iOS device

On September 17th, 2013, Grand Theft Auto V came to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. On October 18th, 2014, Rockstar Games confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 would be coming to PC due to high demand from gamers online. However, the date has since been pushed back to early 2015 before launch. 

A mobile version of GTA 5 has finally come to be, and now it’s time for us to introduce you to it.

All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device

Playing GTA 5 on phone is cheaper than buying a new console or a gaming PC. So now you can play GTA 5 on Android and iOS for free!

gta 5 how much gb for android

Today, we will present you with an interesting way to download GTA and play GTA 5 on your Android phone. The best thing about this GTA 5 port is that it’s not exclusive to high-end devices such as Galaxy S21 Ultra or OnePlus 9 Pro, but it works smoothly even on low-end devices and doesn’t require a lot of free space!

Downloading the Android version is very easy

Android users can download GTA 5 Android APK OBB file without a good internet connection and install and play GTA 5. Although it’s a really small file, you can enjoy all the game’s features while you play GTA 5 Android version. 

This is possible thanks to the fact that this installment downloads all the necessary files and preloads them for different missions. GTA 5 for phone is a perfect alternative to the PC or console version of the GTA V because:

  • You don’t have to spend money on a new console, a big gaming PC, or a new Android phone
  • You don’t need an internet connection to play GTA 5 APK OBB
  • GTA 5 APK comes with much better graphics than all the games available on the Play Store or AppStore
  • It doesn’t require a lot of free space on your Android smartphone or an ios one
  • You can enjoy all the amazing features of the full version of the game on Android or iOS
  • You can run GTA 5 game smoothly on any normal Android phone or iOS device

Grab the free phone version of the game

gta 5 android working

GTA 5 Mobile is now free to play! This game is great for players looking to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto franchise but don’t want to pay anything upfront. It’s also perfect for those who have already played GTA V on their PC or console and are looking for something new. There are plenty of different modes to explore within this mobile version, including Grand Theft Auto Online. 

You can fight against other players and try to get the most kills or play cooperatively with your friends. These modes come with different graphics settings, so you can be sure that GTA V Mobile will look just right on your device.

You can find out about how to download GTA 5 for Phone HERE.

The reasons you should try the GTA 5 APK

Grand Theft Auto V for mobile is one of the best games available for android and iOS devices. You can download GTA 5 game from any of the links above and start playing it without needing additional apps or root access. This fact simplifies everything by reducing how many steps you need to take before you begin enjoying this wonderful title; no payments are required.

You might want to read about GTA V App to enhance your gameplay, though!

You can enjoy the game offline

Grand Theft Auto V mobile for phone lets you play offline. So you don’t have to be connected to the internet all the time when you need it. An offline mode is a great option for people who often travel and don’t have access to good wifi. It’s also perfect for those who live in areas where we might not have the best reception at home.

The download doesn't require a fast internet connection

Downloading the game and playing offline is super easy and fast. Maybe it’s even faster than on console or PC. You can download and install GTA 5 for mobile phone on your phone in only a few hours, but you need the know-how. You can install GTA 5 and enjoy the game without Google Play Store or a super fast internet connection.

Easy way to install both Android and iOS versions of GTA V

To learn how to enjoy the game on Android phones as well as iOS devices, download the required Android version GTA 5 APK file or the IPA and follow the instructions below:

  • Click the download link on our website
  • Go to the Downloads Android folder
  • Find the required files on your Android phone and run GTA installer
  • The GTA V APK will then download all the required files for you
  • Wait for the installation process to finish downloading the data file and the OBB file
  • Enjoy GTA 5 on Android, and its high quality graphics

Minimal requirements

gta 5 system requirements android

Make sure you install GTA on Android device with OS 4.0 or higher, iPhone 5S (iOS 8), iPad 2 (iOS 6), or iPod touch (OS 9). If your device meets these minimum requirements, then you can start downloading Grand Theft Auto V for free! 

Thanks to our developer, who provides the APK file of the game for free to anyone who wants to play it. There are no complicated actions required to install the game on your phone. All you need to do is download the APK, install it, and there you go!

Better controls to let you enjoy the GTA 5 APK

The controls used in GTA 5 mobile are very different from the console version. For example, a virtual joystick is provided to control your character, whereas, on a console, you use a controller or keyboard and mouse. Additionally, car handling is different, so it takes time to get used to steering and gas pedals on a touch screen.

GTA Online for a phone is now real

We are glad to announce GTA Online is finally available for Android! You’ll be able to show your skills when you play Grand Theft Auto games on your phone. Grand Theft Auto Online is now available for iOS and Android devices soon, so try it out! In GTA 5 Android version, you have the opportunity to play GTA Online on your handheld device.

Play with your friends or random strangers

The game comes with GTA Online, which is the multiplayer option, obviously for mobile devices. So play online with your friends or random people from around the world! Even better, play GTA V on your phone with your friends sitting next to you in real life – this will make the gaming experience even cooler! 

There are plenty of interesting things waiting for you in Grand Theft Auto Online missions, Survival missions, Rampages, and more modes coming soon.

New features of GTA 5 for Phone

We’ve added more new features into Grand Theft Auto 5 phone online version.

  • Grand Theft Auto games that run on a mobile phone had never been so realistic before
  • Android GTA brings many new opportunities for gamers of all ages
  • GTA 5 Android version offers different missions and roles in a vast open-world
  • You’ll be able to show off your driving skills as well as your shooting abilities while playing Grand Theft Auto games online with friends or other players from all over the world!

The legendary Grand Theft Auto for phone has been improved

GTA V is one of the most played games in history. We all heard about it when PC users started to play the game with mods. The graphics were magnificent, and everything was realistic – almost too real. But since then, almost two years have gone by, and people are still playing this amazing game. 

However, ever wondered how good would GTA look on your phone? Great! Because that’s what you can experience right now.

gta 5 file size for android

Stunning graphics

You can now enjoy stunning graphics that we all know come only from modern PC GTA games. GTA 5 V APK Mobile comes with new graphics, including car models, skin textures, support for retina displays, and an advanced particle lighting system. GTA 5 Mobile is one of the most beautiful GTA-style games out there, so you wouldn’t want to miss it!

New weapon stash

GTA 5 Mobile has all the GTA weapons available with enhanced graphics, even though some guns are limited until you complete GTA Online missions. So walk around in Grand Theft Auto V’s world using your favorite gun or steal a car and go on a shooting spree! 

GTA 5 Mobile brings you plenty of exciting options that turn this game into an unforgettable experience! Especially with those new, stunning graphics.

Key GTA 5 Mobile Features

  • Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay with tons of new modes
  • Gorgeous graphics, stunningly realistic lighting, and detailed shadows built into GTA 5 APK
  • Grand Theft Auto Story Mode missions to engage in like never before in any of the games in the GTA series
  • Classic radio stations tuned specifically to enjoy listening on your mobile device
  • High-resolution textures; character models appear as they do in the original game
  • Enhanced draw distance rendering system developed specifically for Android devices
  • Improved weather effects/texture quality compared to the PC version
  • GTA V style car damage! Let’s hope it means full car destruction if the vehicle takes too much damage
  • Freshly styled vehicle horns! GTA 5 Mobile will include all the best vehicle sounds for you to choose from
  • The Heist Mode
  • Availability to download and run GTA V APK to play GTA V on any Android device

Download GTA 5 for Phone

GTA 5 on Mobile is the GTA game you’ve always wanted! This GTA game captures all the GTA Online gameplay, top-notch graphics, and immersive sound experience you know and love. In addition, GTA 5 for Android provides players with an optimized control system to get you into GTA Online faster than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Download GTA 5 Mobile today!

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