The gaming world has been waiting for the release of GTA 5 on iOS devices. The game was released in September, and it is now available for download. Gamers are excited about the new features that this game version offers, including a first-person mode. 

This article provides information about what to expect from this popular game, as well as how you can get ready to download your favorite app!

What exactly is GTA 5 for iPhone

gta 5 ios

What exactly is GTA 5 for iPhone

I’m sure many readers are familiar with GTA 5 on Android (Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar Games), but if not, let me give you some details: It’s an open-world video game where players take control of three characters who live in Los Santos (a fictional city based on real-life Los Angeles). 

Players can steal cars, rob banks, or do anything else they want without any consequences. GTA 5 APK basically gives you an opportunity to play GTA 5 game on your phone.

Multiplayer mode in GTA 5 iOS

GTA 5 also offers a multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto V Online. Multiplayer lets gamers create their characters and customize them as they wish. GTA Online game gives players the ability to play with friends, participate in missions and commit crimes together.

gta 5 for ipad

The long-anticipated update for mobile devices

In GTA 5 game, users have expected to play GTA Online on mobile Apple and Android devices for some time now. Still, it was only recently that we announced that GTA V is available for download on iPhones and iPads (iOS 8 or later required). 

The amount of gameplay you’ll get is what you should expect

The GTA 5 includes the entire game – all three playable characters, all 3-main storylines, over 60 hours of gameplay – no additional purchase necessary! 

Plus, console gamers will be glad to hear that Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 graphics has been optimized for different iOS device models, including the ability to change your character’s look on their phones. Grand Theft Auto 5 Android and iOS supports both portrait and landscape modes and has 3D graphics. 

We also developed an Android version of this gaming masterpiece and it can be found here:

Graphical updates of iOS version of GTA 5

As you can see from the picture above, GTA 5 is pretty amazing! GTA V’s Online mode will be available in a future update – currently, this option is unavailable. 

This means GTA 5 has only one main advantage over other versions so far: it runs on mobile phones and tablets (which can play GTA games without having to purchase new editions). 

Backwards compatibility

The game itself looks great on iPhone 6s Plus, but it runs smoothly on the older iPhones and iPads. It does use up much more storage than most games (over 2GB, to be exact). GTA 5’s GTA Online mode will require additional storage space, up to 8 GB.

Supported hardware

If you plan to download the GTA 5, please make sure that your device can support the game. GTA 5 works on the following phones and iPads: 

  • iPhone 6 Plus (or newer),
  • 6,
  • 5s,
  • 5c,
  • 5 (both models),
  • iPod Touch 6th gen, and newer iPads (mini 4 and more recent versions are supported),
  • Air 2.

This information is not always stated in in-app descriptions, so it is good to check before downloading it! GTA V functions best with iOS 8 .0 or higher; otherwise, the game might crash.

gta 5 ios free download

GTA 5 iPhone is free to download

GTA 5 for iOS has just been released this week, and GTA fanatics are rejoicing with a new amazing way to play GTA on the go. This version of GTA game is free to download on our website. You can install the file freely on any number of your phones and tablets.

Even though GTA 5 Mobile isn’t quite in line with current GTA series, it is still entertaining. It brings back memories of GTA 5 Mobile by Rockstar Games, which was one of my favorite GTA games by far! Other than Vice City, ofcourse.

There is no difference between Android iOS and other platforms

In GTA V in iOS, you can do all that you can in the PC (Steam) version: steal cars, beat up random pedestrians, hijack jets, and even fly through Vinewood hills, making absolutely no dough.

Intuitive controls let you play the game easily

The controls for GTA 5 Mobile are somewhat weird at first but once you get used to them become second nature. The rules are on the right side of the screen and consist of a virtual joystick for driving/running, a fire button, and a picture of yourself changing clothes. Those controls can be changed in the settings menu.

On the left side, you have different weapon slots you can choose from, along with an area to put your cellphone.

gta 5 on iphone

Mobile platform – the same amount of missions to play

You get missions throughout the game where you either pick up or deliver items like drugs in GTA V iOS. Once you finish specific achievements within GTA 5, new weapons are unlocked that become available at any time when you die by just clicking on them on the inventory page. 

Install GTA 5 Mobile to discover new and amazing features

The download GTA 5 iOS APK also has many features that the GTA V Android doesn’t have, including the ability to play as Michael, Trevor, or Franklin in parallel. Each character features unique abilities so choose wisely! GTA 5 for iOS is worth its price; if you are a GTA series fan, I recommend getting GTA 5. GTA 5 iOS also has multiplayer, but I have yet to try that out!

Android version of GTA 5 Online can be found here: GTA 5 Android


Play online games with your friends using your phone

Grand Theft Auto 5 iOS also has GTA Online, which I have been playing for a couple of days now. GTA Online is an exciting addition to GTA series since it’s not the same as GTA IV multiplayer; GTA V iOS allows you to create your character and make cash in GTA 5 APK online, just like GTA V iOS. There are races, deathmatches, and many other best things that can be done in GTA 5 online.

Should I play GTA 5 APK and install GTA 5 on an iPhone?

Whether or not you are a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 5 for iOS should be experienced by anyone!

With amazing graphics, various characters to choose from, and cars that feel like you are driving them, GTA 5 for iOS is a game worth purchasing!

Know the technicalities before you download the file to your phone

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally available for Apple tablet and iPhone. The game was released by Rockstar Games and is now available as a ported version for Android and iPhone as a free download on our website. All iOS hardware such as iPads are compatible with download GTA 5, but certain features may not be supported on older models. 

gta 5 for ios - download

Install it wisely on an older phone

Older 32-bit devices like the iPad 2 and IP 5s will run the game at a slightly reduced performance compared to newer 64-bit hardware like the new Air 3 due to its lack of support for NEON CPU instructions (necessary for both Open GL ES 2.0 & 3).

However, the game should still look pretty good on all iPhones and iPads in general since it’s being remastered just for Apple products, so be sure to try out GTA 5 on your iOS device.

The game is free to play!

You can download the game for free, but it has a few in-app purchases, which will cost extra money if you want to enjoy more features of GTA 5 APK in the first place. It’s usually not too much since most of them are just additional content such as new weapons, vehicles, and so on. Just open the in-game store to enjoy many different options to choose from the market.

Still, they add up even more if you want to buy all of them at once (which is possible with over 10 million players already).

How to play GTA V on iOS

So how does one play the GTA 5 game on the Apple phone or Android? I’ve seen some gameplay videos before I started writing this article. It does look good when comparing it to PC version, it seems pretty darn decent! 

At least from what I’ve seen. So, if you’re interested in download GTA 5 on iPhone, that’s a whole other story, but it looks nice!

If you want to features of GTA 5 on an Android phone , go here –

gta 5 on ios - gameplay

Install it and play it yourself to see if the graphics are good enough

Keep in mind, however, that those videos are older, and the game has improved tremendously over the years even though by now its graphics are already outdated apparently (at least compared to games like Asphalt 8).

No internet connection needed after you download the file

There is also another fun fact with GTA 5. You can only play this game online and offline, which means you will not need an internet connection constantly. The connection is only needed for file download. 

Use Wi-Fi for download

I’m guessing most of us have access to Wi-Fi at home, school, or pretty much anywhere else, so it shouldn’t be too bad for most, but still – remember to download the game file on a stable connection.

Requirements of GTA 5 APK for iPhones and iPads

GTA 5 APK is finally available on iOS and Android, but what are the system requirements to enjoy this game?

GTA 5 for iOS has no specific hardware requirement regarding the phone model you own. Any machine capable of running iOS 8.0 or later should do its job with no problems at all.

As for the iPad, you will need an iPad 2 (or higher) to run GTA 5. The game also requires the same operating system: iOS 8.0 or later.

The list of hardware supported by GTA 5 APK

Finally, here is a list of iOS devices that support GTA 5 for iOS :

  • iPhone 4s onwards
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPod Touch 5th generation onwards
  • All these hardware pieces can easily handle the GTA V graphics. The game requires iOS 8 or later. 

For Android devices requirements – go to this page: GTA 5 APK


Official requirements haven’t been published yet

If you want GTA 5 Mobile for Android, the developer will upload the requirements for this game in the coming days, so keep following us! Our first main goal is to provide you with as much information as possible before downloading the file.

gta 5 ios version

GTA V Mobile is what we’ve all been waiting for

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for iOS, and it’s fantastic. The game lets you play the entire story of GTA 5 APK on your iPhone or iPad without having to purchase a PlayStation or XBox, PC, or even any additional content. 

The summary of features

The game is free to download, and the multiplayer mode allows you to connect with other players around the world, such as your friends! If this sounds like something that interests you, then head over today and start playing one of the best games ever made.

A full list of features available for GTA 5 released for Android is here:


Install GTA 5 iOS today – it’s worth it

The iOS version of Grand Theft Auto V game is a great way to take your favorite game on the go and play it anywhere you want. Whether you’re out at the park, waiting for an appointment, or don’t feel like getting up from bed, GTA V APK iOS app lets you enjoy this blockbuster experience no matter where life takes you. Download now and let us know what other games we should review next!