GTA 5: PC cheat codes

How can I cheat in GTA 5 on PC

You may already be aware that it is feasible to hack, somewhat quickly in GTA 5 on the computer version GTA 5.. To cheat, it is necessary to enter a number within the game console or use your mobile phone to play. Suppose you’d like to improve some aspects of your gaming experience in GTA 5 you can find below a listing of cheating codes available in the game. These cheat codes can give you access to many unique advantages or allow vehicles and weapons of all sorts to appear.

However, before you use any codes on GTA 5, We advise you to keep your games as cheating can disable the game’s achievements for the current game. If you wish to activate them, start your game on your system.

As was previously stated, to enter a cheat-code for this version for PC version GTA V You will be required to open your console using the “>” keys in the QWERTY keyboard, or pressing using the “2” key in the case of an AZERTY keyboard. Then you’ll only need to select one of the cheat codes listed below, then press the “Enter” key.

Weapons and Codes

  • Get Weapons – TOOLUPThis code gives users access to entire variety of weapons on GTA V, allowing you to test your skills as Los Santos law enforcement.
  • Explosive ammunition – HIGHEXThe name suggests that the shots fired by your different weapons will be more deadly than normal, which will allow you to destroy everything you’d like to.
  • Flammable ammunition – INCENDIARYYour shots will spark your targets upon their impact. This can be very useful for quickly calming your many opponents.
  • Slowed down – DEADEYEIt allows you to have the time to aim the weapon. You can enter the code up to four times to boost its effectiveness, and the fifth time will stop the cheat.
  • Explosive punches – HOTHANDSYour kicks and punches will be powerful.

Codes Search Hint

  • Lower the search level – LAWYERUPTake one star off the search level.
  • Enhance search levels – FUSIVOIDInclude a star in your search levels to enhance your gaming experience.

Vehicle Codes

  • BBMX (Bike) – BANDITMake sure you have an BBMX bike.
  • Buzzard (Combat helicopter) – BUZZOFFIt makes a small helicopter for combat appear.
  • Golf caddy – HOLEIN1It makes a golf caddy look.
  • Comet (Sports Car) – COMETIt’s a sports car with two seats. appear.
  • Duster (Plane) – FLYSPRAYIt makes an Duster biplane look.
  • Limousine – VINEWOODCreates the appearance of a limousine.
  • PCJ 600 (Motorcycle) – ROCKETMakes a motorbike appear.
  • Rapid GT (Sports Car) – RAPIDGTThe car is a two-seater sports car.
  • Sanchez (Moto-cross) – OFFROADThe motocross is useful for riding in mountains in Los Santos.
  • Acrobatic plane – BARNSTORMAcrobatic plane acrobatically soaring.
  • Trashmaster (Garbage Truck) – TRASHEDCreates the appearance of a garbage truck.
  • Slippery cars – SNOWDAYCars will be unable to have any ability to grip the roads.

Weather Codes

  • Climate change – MAKEITRAINYou can alter the weather in any way you’d like, from sunny to foggy, to snowy.
  • Moon Gravity – FLOATERIt allows you to increase the gravity.

Character skills and abilities are coded in codes.

  • Fast running mode – CATCHMEThis allows you to boost your running speed.
  • Fast swim – GOTGILLSThis allows you to increase your swimming speed.
  • Super-jump – HOPTOITThis allows you to take greater leaps than you did before.
  • InvincibilityPAINKILLERYou can be totally invincible, for a certain period of time, from all harm during the game.
  • Special skill recharge – POWERUPIt allows you to replenish your character’s ability.
  • Highest health level and armour – TURTLELets you replenish your armor and health gauges up to their maximum.

Miscellaneous codes

  • Drunken – LIQUORFeels like you’re completely drunk.
  • Freefall – SKYFALLIt makes you look like you’re in the sky with no any parachute.
  • Parachute – SKYDIVEGives you a parachute.
  • Slow motion – SLOWMO SLOWMOThis cheat allows you to reduce the game. Enter the code as many as three times to boost the effect. The fourth time will stop the cheat.

If you’re searching to find cheat codes or cheat codes for GTA 5 for a different platform, we suggest you look through the different guides on them for consoles such as Microsoft, Xbox One, or Xbox 360, without forgetting those players that play in the PS4 or PS4 and PS3. For those adept with cell phones even in the world in Los Santos, we have created a list of numbers that can be used in the role of cheating codes.

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