GTA 5 Portable Free Download – the latest release

We created this article to help people get the GTA 5 Portable Free Download for Android and iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) without paying a dime.

Yes! GTA 5 Mobile version is 100% free, and it works on any device that supports Android or iOS system. So let’s get started with GTA 5 Mobile without jailbreak or root needed for any platform!

GTA 5 Portable Android version is here!

Good news for GTA gamers! Now you can play the new GTA 5 on your Android phone or tablet. With this simple guide, anyone can download and install GTA 5 Portable Android easily within minutes without any cost or computer knowledge. Just follow the step-by-step installation instructions given in a few paragraphs below.

gta 5 portable android

The history of releasing GTA V to several platforms

GTA V is the latest version of the GTA games series, released on September 17, 2013, for Xbox 360 and PS3. First, PC gamers were waiting to be blessed with this awesome game and its’ stunning graphics.

But Rockstar had no plans to release GTA 5 PC version until 2014 because the developer wanted to prioritize next-gen consoles like PS4 and X1. So if you owned a Windows computer, then it was better to wait for its official PC release or get ready to play GTA 5 on Android.

Android mobile device has it all

The Android mobile users are lucky because they can play this game on their phone or tablet without buying expensive consoles like PlayStation 5.

GTA 5 Portable is an unofficial version of GTA V. It’s packed with all the unique features and graphics of the original game. You might have seen those features on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC versions.

Enjoy GTA 5 Portable free download for Android and iOS

Now you can play the portable mobile game and enjoy the open world of Grand Theft Auto V on any mobile device!

Thanks to our team of developers for this excellent work on GTA 5 Android version. After testing many prototypes, they released its final version that works flawlessly on any Android device, including tablets. Follow the simple steps below and start playing GTA 5 on a mobile device anytime, anywhere!

No computer is needed - all you need is a mobile device

gta 5 portable com download

GTA 5 Portable Android in 3 easy steps

As I said before, GTA 5 game is available here, and all you need to do is get it on your phone or tablet. It’s compatible with both rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. So go ahead and follow the step-by-step installation guide given below to play GTA V on your device.

  1. First, enable the option “Unknown Sources” to install 3rd party applications by going into Settings > Security > Unknown sources. This option might already be marked depending upon your phone or tablet so check if it’s enabled or not. If not, then you can easily allow it by tapping on the same option.
  2. Now grab the latest GTA 5 Android edition installer file. You can do so by going to this internet page – How to download GTA 5 APK
  3. Once downloaded, tap on the file and select the install button to start the installation process. When done, go back and click on the game icon from the apps menu to launch it for the first time. Enjoy!

You can play GTA 5 Portable offline and online

I like playing games. And GTA 5 Portable game is one of my favorite mobile games. I play this game whenever I have some time to do so. Even when I have no internet connection, I can still enjoy playing a solo mission.

Stunning graphics and unique storyline

If you want to play the GTA 5 Portable game, you should know that this app has a fantastic storyline and missions. The graphics you could’ve seen in PC games are just mind-blowing, and such graphical effects can also be expected from mobile devices.

It has already become a craze among mobile players. They waited eagerly for the release of GTA 5 Mobile for iOS and Android on our website.

One of the best games out there

You will get all the features present in the game’s PC release, but now in the Android or iOS app. You can download this app on your devices even if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. It is one of the best games for mobile phone users who love to play shooting games.

Customize everything

gta 5 portable ios

With portable GTA 5 for Android, you can also enjoy customization of your character to make it look unique. You will find many cars, bikes, or other vehicles included in this GTA 5 mobile version.

The graphics are great, and the sound is equally good too. Social Club feature is also available in the game, which makes it more interesting to play.

Downloading games from our website is easy

If you are worried about not getting any clue about installing GTA 5 on your devices, you should know that there is no rocket science involved in it. It comes with straightforward steps, which you should follow step by step without missing anything.

We have an intelligent installer

The installer will act according to your device free space, so that downloading process does not take too much time. Whatever the case may be, I am sure that after reading this article, you will enjoy playing GTA 5 game on a phone or an iOS device.

You might also want to know that GTA 5 for iPad now available for everyone and you can read more about it on our blog!

Get your GTA 5 Portable free download today

Just click on the link given above. You will then go to our website, where you can download GTA 5 easily without any problems. Just make sure that you have enough storage space in your smartphone or tablet to avoid early stoppages while playing this exciting game.

It comes with user instructions which you should follow carefully if you want to play it smoothly. Hit the download button on the page provided above and start playing this fantastic game on iOS or Android!

We enhanced the game for you!

GTA V is an excellent portable game that comes complete with amazing graphics, sound effects, and numerous vehicles for moving around different city areas while on a mission. Many other things are included within this game for your convenience.

There are many tools you can use if you get stuck anywhere while playing this game with different characters.

Interesting facts about the history of the Grand Theft Auto series

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for many years now and continues to amaze players with each new installment that comes out. Grand Theft Auto 5 was no exception. According to, Grand Theft Auto 5 made over 1 billion dollars within three days of its release on September 17.

Astonishing numbers in sales

The game itself cost 60$, meaning that Rockstar Games made at least 600 million dollars off of just GTA 5 alone. And that’s not counting any downloadable content or microtransaction sales they have participated in since then. This is undoubtedly an increase from Grand Theft Auto 4, which made $500 million in its first 24 hours of release.

Will GTA 6 be even better?

portable gta 5 - gameplay

Grand Theft Auto 5’s success is undoubtedly an incredible feat, and I’m eager to see if Grand Theft Auto 6 can break even that record.

If you’re a GTA fan like me, GTA 5 for mobile devices is the game that we’ve all been waiting for all along! GTA 5 has so many unique features, and I bet you’ll love some of them too. GTA 5 mod APK is full of fun activities to do, and it is as realistic as it gets.

The complete list of features GTA V Portable provides you with

GTA 5 portable also has this new first-person mode which makes it feel like you’re there inside the game. The game also has an online mode in which you can hang out with friends while playing games with them!

  • GTA games are as realistic as it gets
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 also includes this new first-person mode which makes it feel like you’re there in the game.
  • Grand Theft Auto V has a Grand Theft Auto Online mode where you can hang out with friends and play games with them
  • The storyline is incredibly complex and well-written
  • Each protagonist has their own set of unique features
  • You can participate in multiple side-missions and exciting activities

Moving around the city of Los Santos

The game allows you to play from either a third-person or first-person perspective. Its world is navigated on foot or by vehicle. Players control the three lead characters throughout single-player and switch between them both during and outside missions.

The story circles around the heist sequences and many missions involve shooting and driving gameplay.

It's the sound of the LSPD!

A wanted system governs the aggression of law enforcement response to players who commit crimes. The wanted meter displays the level of police awareness of a player’s activities. The meter is based on the amount of contact they have had with the police and their recent use of vehicles within GTA V.

gta v portable - game

Should players attract enough attention, multiple Police Mavericks pursue players. Should this occur when playing as Trevor Philips, then Navy Seals will also be dispatched. Law enforcement officers of Los Santos and Blaine County will search for players who leave the wanted vicinity.

Watch out for the suits too

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) pursues in GTA V – including streets and freeways. County sheriff and federal law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Coast Guard pursue GTA V’s countryside. This feature is by far the most advanced system in the history of GTA games.

The freedom of choice is what we love in the Grand Theft Auto V Portable game

Now GTA 5 provides excellent gameplay and great controls, which is essential to fans of GTA. GTA games allow players to do just about anything they want in the game, even if that means beating up innocent civilians or committing crimes.

Make love, not war

However, the GTA game can be extremely violent and offensive at times, so it’s not surprising that GTA has received a wide range of criticism over the years for its content. This backlash still hasn’t stopped GTA from becoming one of the most successful video games series in history, though.

GTA 6 - what we expect from it

Grand Theft Auto 6 will undoubtedly have some huge shoes to fill when it comes out in 2022. Still, I’m sure that Rockstar Games has learned much from GTA 5’s mistakes, and GTA 6 will provide us with an even more satisfying experience than GTA 5 did.

Will it break the sales record?

GTA 6 might even be able to push GTA 5’s sales numbers to 2 billion dollars. Those numbers would be an incredible feat in the world of games, especially since GTA 6 is still so far away. GTA 6 is sure to live up to the GTA name in every way possible, though when it comes out in 2022, I can’t wait until then when it takes us “beyond anarchy”, according to

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