GTA 5: Weapons, cheats and cheat codes

Which are the code numbers to weapons in GTA 5?

If you’re not very keen on GTA 5 and want to try out the different weapons available in this game from Rockstar Games, a cheat code can greatly exceed your expectations. It is indeed it is available on every platform that GTA 5 can be played and supported by all platforms, the cheat codewill let you have access to all weaponry including assault rifles, pistols and rocket launchers and without mentioning the adored C4.

Los Santos will be able to do nothing other than shake at the sight of this powerful arsenal that is available to you. If all that equipment isn’t enough for you, you’ll have to combine it with the cheat code invincibility that will ensure you be able to defeat those who oppose the current mission, such as the army or even the police.

GTA 5 weapons codes for various platforms

  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One Y (RT), LEFT A, RIGHT Down, X A, LB
  • Phone 1-999-8665-87

If you’re in search of cheat codes or GTA 5 cheat codes are available, please examine the different guides available on Sony’s consoles: PS4 as well as PS3, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Xbox 360 without forgetting that players are also evolving on PC. If you are avid cell phone users and even within Los Santos, we have prepared a list of cheat codes. Los Santos universe, we have also compiled an alphabetical list of numbers that can act as cheating codes.

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