GTA 5: Xbox One & Xbox 360 cheat codes, all cheat codes

How do I use codes on GTA 5 on Xbox One and Xbox 360

In order to try cheating on GTA 5 it is necessary to make a sequence of actions using the buttons on your controller or using your mobile smartphone in game, for those gaming on Xbox One. Below, you’ll see the list of various cheat codes available on GTA 5. that will allow you to unlock various non-negligible bonuses or have vehicles and weapons of all types appear.

However, before making use of an cheat code for GTA 5 We recommend not to play the game as cheating in the game will void the achievements of the game session that is that is currently in the process. If you wish to activate the cheating codes, you’ll need to restart the game or console ( Xbox 360 or Xbox One)

Weapon Codes

  • The Acquisition of WeaponsY and LEFT. A, RIGHT down, X L, LB,


  • Explosive munitionsRight, X LEFT, RB LEFT, RT Right, LB, the LB, Lb


  • Flammable weaponsLB (RB), X LeFT, RB and RT. RB LEFT Right, X Lb, Lb


  • Sight is slowedX and RB. LEFT, X Right, LT A


  • Punches that explodeRight, Left, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT


Search Index Codes

  • Lower Level of SearchRB, RB R, RT, RIGHT LEFT Right, LEFT Right LEFT


  • Enhance search levelRB, RB and RT, LEFT Right, LEFT LEFT, RIGHT


Vehicle Codes

  • BMX (Bike)LEFT and LEFT. Right, LEFT, RIGHT B, Y R, RT


  • Buzzard (Combat Helicopter)B, B, LB B, B B L, LT, B, RB, Y, B,


  • Golf caddyB L, LEFT, A, RB L, RB B A


  • Comet (Sports Car)RB B, RT right, LB A, X A, X, A, X, RB


  • Duster (Airplane)Right, Left, RB, RB, RB, LEFT, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB


  • LimousineRT Right and LEFT LEFT, RB and LB B, Right


  • PCJ-600 (Motorcycle)RB (right, left, right) RRT, RIGHT and X Right, LT, Lb


  • Rapid GT (Sports Car)B, RT and RIGHT, LB B, RB, LEFT, RIGHT B, R,


  • Sanchez (Moto-cross)B A, LB B B, LB B, RB, RT B, A, LT, LB


  • Acrobatic planeB Right, LB, LEFT, LT L, LB LEFT, LEFT, A,


  • Trashmaster (Garbage Truck)B, RB, B RB LEFT LEFT B, RB Right


  • Slippery CarsY (RB, RB), LEFT and RB, the RT, LB


Weather Codes

  • Climate ChangeA, RT and LT. L, LT, X


  • Moon GravityLEFT and LB RIGHT LEFT, LB LEFT

Codifications for Character Skills and Abilities

  • Fast running modeRight, LEFT, Y right, LT the X, LB


  • Fast SwimLEFT, LEFT, LB Right, Right and LEFT Right, LT


  • Super-jumpLEFT, LEFT, Y L, RIGHT LEFT, RIGHT the X, RB, and RT


  • InvincibilityRight A, Right LEFT, RIGHT Right, Left, A, and Y.


  • Reloading the specific abilityA A, X A, RB, LB LEFT, RIGHT A,


  • Max Armor and HealthB, LB, Y A, RT B, RIGHT B, X, LB, Lb


Miscellaneous codes



  • FreefallL, LT, R, LeFT, RT LEFT, RIGHT L, LT, RRB, RT, LEFT, RIGHT Right


  • ParachuteLEFT, RIGHT and RB. the LEFT, RT Right, LEFT LBL


  • Ralenti (Slow moving)Y, LEFT, Right right, X, R, RT

If you’re looking for cheat codes or GTA five cheating codes for a different platform We invite you to examine the different guides available on Sony consoles like PS4, PS4 and PS3, without forgetting the players who are developing on PC. For those who are proficient with cellphones to communicate with others, even in the universe that is Los Santos, we have created an alphabetical list of numbers that can be used to act as cheating codes.

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