GTA Online: A new treasure is hiding on the island of Cayo Perico

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It seems like Cayo Perico’s island Cayo Perico will take center stage this week on GTA Online! A unique statue has been discovered on the Island located in El Rubio, and you’re required to find it. To do this, you’ll need to start this Cayo Perico Heist and re-run all preparations. However, the prize is well worth the effort. This is because everyone who plays this mission will be able to identify the panther statue as their primary goal during their initial game.

Nightclub and rewards in GTA Online

If you’re managing nightclubs this week could be a lucrative week. Nightclub management tasks can help you gain 2x more fans as well as daily revenues that are three times higher than normal, in the week of 20th May. To get the most benefit of the tripled income be sure to clear your safe.

Always more money in GTA Online

Double rewards

The customer service mission is guaranteed to earn you quick cash since they will give you two times more GTAdollars as well as 2x more in RP.

Triple reward

Motorized Warfare continues to be profitable as it has not doubled rewards but tripled ones during the final month of May! There are 3x more GTAdollars and 3x more RRP. You’ve got until May 26th to avail of it.

Promotions and Podium of the week

A brand new vehicle is to be won in the Diamond Casino Resort, and it’s called the canis freecrawler. For a chance to try it try spinning the casino wheel inside the casino Be aware that you can only try one time every day.

Here are the latest promos:

  • 40 percent off of 40% off Dinka Jester Classic.
  • 40 percent savings off Ocelot Pariah.
  • 40 percent off of the Vapid Festival Bus.
  • 40% off the airship. 40 percent discount of the Pfister Neon. 40% off the Lynx from Ocelot. 40% off on for the HVY Menacer.

  • 40 percent off the Overflod XF.

Bonuses and gaming

Join your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to get the Kosatka submarine sonar for free, and then play GTA Online at any time this week to get a 200 000 GTAdollar bonus.

Additionally, Prime Gaming subscribers will be able to enjoy exclusive deals, including an 80 percent discount on the Ocelot Jugular and Enus Stafford and 35 percent off the Modern Veto Kart.

To remind you, GTA V is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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