GTA Online celebrates Independence Day with several new bonuses

Enjoy Independence Day in GTA Online

A little bit of historical knowledge is never a bad thing. If you’re interested in the past part of the United States, you should be aware that soon they’ll celebrate its Independence Day. In light of this, GTA Online is chosen to pull out all the stops to offer several fascinating bonus features.

GTA The amount of money and the RP increased

This is the perfect moment to search for the trunks and chests hidden in the islands of Payo Perico. These treasures not only hold treasures, but they also let you walk away with more than double GTA money and the chance to earn RP.

To celebrate, the submarine Kosatka offers a discount of 25% in addition to the possibility of upgrading and customizing.

Triple Rewards

In this week’s GTA online, mobile operations and Seizure On The Fly missions let you take home three times more GTAmoney as well as 3x the RP. To gain access to these early missions, you need to be a member of a Mobile Operations Center. After that, Agent 14 will be in touch with you within a few hours.

Special rewards are available in GTA Online’s Trade Wars

The trade wars occur randomly throughout GTA online sessions. If one of them is activated, crates of items are available to bring you a little profit; however, there are additional rewards to be had in this week of celebration. If you’re a bit luckier, you might be lucky enough to land some Pisswasser, Benedict, Patriot, and Supa Wet beer helmets as well as the Statue Hilarity T-shirt.

GTA Online Rankings and Promotions of the Week

The week before at the Diamond Casino Resort, A brand new vehicle was unveiled, that’s known as the Hotring Sabre Declasse. To try your luck at winning it, you can to the fortune wheel inside the building But be aware; you can only play once every day.

Here are the offers available from this 1st of July (or:

  • 50 percent off Vapid Liberator.
  • 50 percent discount off the Western Sovereign at 50% off.
  • 50% off on the Horns. 50% off the Musket. 50 percent off the pyrotechnic launcher. 50% off fireworks.

  • Discount of 50% on tires and smoke parachute.
  • 50 percent off clothing and makeup.
  • 50% off mobile operations center designs.
  • 50 percent off of 50% off Mk II weapons pattern.
  • 50 discount on haircuts for 50% off.
  • 50 discount on masks.
  • 50% off the patriotic veil.

  • 50 percent off bunkers, their upgrades , and modifications.
  • 30 percent off of on the Vapid Winky.
  • 30 percent off of the classic Dinka Veto.
  • 40 percent of on the Albany Roosevelt Valor.

  • 40 percent off 40% off Declasse Tampa Drift.
  • Save 40 percent off on the Attack Buzzard.

  • 30 percent off 30% off Fire Truck.
  • 30 percent off of on the Vapid Flash GT.
  • 40 percent off the Western Co. Annihilator.
  • 40 percent discount on Titan. 40 percent off on Besra, the Western Company Besra.

Bonuses and gaming

Join your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive 100 000 GTAcash bonus from playing GTA Online this week.

Additionally, Prime Gaming subscribers will enjoy exclusive offers, such as 70 percent off the Buckingham Valkyrie and -80 % off the Dinka Sugoi.

To remind you, Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch in its next-gen edition on PS5 and Xbox Series from November 11.

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