GTA Online: Doubled rewards for heists

Rewards were doubled when original heists are used in GTA Online

November is shaping up to be quite a particular month for GTA Online as heists will be featured in the coming days. In this regard, take a moment to feel free to join the planner’s board in your luxurious residence to execute the original heists, and leave with two GTAdollars and RP: Fleece Heist, Prison Breakout Humane Labs heist Startup capital, and Pacific Standard heist.

In addition should you be able to finish the final stage and pass the final phase, you’ll receive the bonus amount of $5000 GTAdollars. Additionally, anyone who successfully completes an Fleeca Breakout will be awarded an official Fleeca Circuit pattern to use for to use the Ubermacht Cypher.

There is a Dinka Veta available in the race editor

The race editor allows users to create tests then upload personal track for both the modern and classic Dinka Veto karts.

Modes confirm they will be returning to GTA Online

This week also sees the return of some well-loved games for players. These include Motorized Warfare offering double GTAdollars and the ability to RP, Ozone Capture, Close Protection, and lastly the special races for vehicles that are exclusive to players who play the Deluxe.

Owners of car show get receive a bonus

Deliveries from your customers as well as exotic import vehicles can earn you twice the GTAdollars in this particular week. So, make the most of this. However, LS Car Show members could win a brand new car that is an Ubermacht Cypher for modification.

Promotions and Podium of the Week

Diamond Casino has welcomed a new car: it’s the Lampadati Casco. You can test your luck by trying to spin the wheel of the casino But beware; you only get one chance each day.

Here are the latest promos:

  • Discounts on night vision goggles and masks
  • 40 percent off luxury homes and their upgrades
  • 50 percent off bulletproof protection
  • 30% off on all weapons
  • 40% off the Mammoth Hydra
  • 40% off the Buckingham Valkyrie
  • 40% off on the Savage
  • 40% off HVY Insurgent pickup
  • 40% off HVY Insurgent
  • 40% off JoBuilt Velum 5 seats
  • 40% off Karin Armed Pickup
  • 40 % off Karin Kuruma (armored)

Prime Gaming Benefits

Join your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive the bonus of 100 000 GTAdollars from playing GTA Online for the week of. Prime Gaming subscribers will also receive the Sanctus CCL free through Southern San Andreas Super Autos and will take advantage of exclusive offers, including a 70 percent discount on Western Company Besra and Z-Type Truffle until the 17th of November.

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