GTA Online: Doubled rewards on special merchandise sales

Doubled rewards can be earned for special products sold in GTA Online

This week on GTA Online, special merchandise sales are seeing a rise. If you’re the manager of your warehouse, be aware that Special Sale on Merchandise give you the double GTAdollars and RP up to the 13th of October. To begin one, go to your computer in your warehouse. A word of advice: you should make sales with multiple individuals, particularly if your warehouse is overflowing.

GTARewards in GTA Online

GTAPR and $ tripled

Certain events are giving triple rewards as of October 7, offering 3x more GTAdollars plus 2x the PR. The daredevil race and race in the air. Even if you’re last, but you’ll still be able to benefit from the triple win.

GTAPR and $ increased by a third

A variety of modes are back with the most notable being Sumotorized, Forced March, Offensive Defense and Highly sought-after package. The second mode is offering twice the reward to everyone who plays, i.e., 2x more GTAdollars and 2x more RPG in exchange for going out to find packages and then deliver them. Beware, a downpour of lead can be so swift.

However, big shoot missions and challenges provide double GTAin addition to PR. To access this, go to your iFruit within the SecuroServ application.

Challenge and reward for car show vehicle

LS Car Show members who are among the top 2 finishers in an LS Car Show Events race for a total of 6 days will be awarded the Karin Calico GTF to modify.

Promotions and podiums are available on GTA Online

Diamond Casino has welcomed a new car to its stage by introducing its Nebula turbo, a two-door car built in the 70s. If you want to get it, you must go to the fortune wheels situated in the casino. However, be careful there is only one chance every day.

Here are the latest offers that are available on GTA Online:

  • 50% off on all hydraulic pumps.
  • 40% off desks for CEOs.
  • 35% discount on certain warehouses for merchandise.
  • 30 discount of Lampadati Komoda.
  • 40 percent off for Coil Brawler.
  • 30 percent off the Truffade Nero / Nero Custom.
  • 30 percent off the Karin Sultan / Sultan RS.
  • 30 percent off Declasse Voodoo / Voodoo Custom.

Prime Gaming Benefits

GTA Online players who combine their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive 100 000 GTA$ for using GTA Online this week. Prime Gaming subscribers will also get exclusive offers, such as 35 percent off the Dinka R3000 and a 65 percent discount on The Lampadati Casco through October 20.

To remind you, GTA 5 is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox One and will be available in the Xbox Series, PS5, along Xbox Series in March 2022.

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