GTA Online: How to access the content of the Los Santos Tuners update?

Cars are now welcome in GTA Online, with a variety of new features like NPCs and a gathering location and new buildings available for purchase. In this guide, show you how you can access all of these features.

How do I access GTA Online? Los Santos Tuners content in GTA Online?

In order to access the latest content available in GTA Online, you have to sign in to an internet-based session. Once you’re within one, you’ll receive an SMS from a specific Mimi. She will visit you in an unidentified location called “LS“.

To reach it To get there, you must open the map of your game, and search to find an LS emblem in the legend to your right. When you locate it, click it. It will be apparent that the new spot is situated in the south of the city.


When you’re at the front of it, you’ll be able drive to it. It is when you’ll be able to meet the famous Mimi. She will inform you that the main passion is over all the tuning and the automobile. You’ll meet a number of NPCs with roles that are somewhat or more established which is why you’ll be able to locate yourself in the water.


After the introductions have been completed and you are able to join the club with a small amount of 500.000 GTAdollars. It will grant access to not just the track for training and an updated reputation gauge in which you’ll have to complete a variety of tests. To do this, you will be able to take part in a variety of new races that are on the market since day on July 20 on GTA Online.

Subsequently, Rockstar Games announced that new vehicles will be available a little later this summer, allowing you to expand your nice collection of cars.

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