GTA Online: How to become a Big Shot?

The game GTA Online, you can choose from a variety of careers including becoming an office manager and consequently, the boss of several companies as well as becoming the head of a biker gang , and running a few small-scale businesses that are lucrative. If you’re not looking to invest the entire amount of your money on these various properties, you have the possibility of becoming a big shot. We’ll walk you through the process through the process step-by-step.

How can you become a big shot in GTA Online

In the beginning, you must know the fact that this status gives you a few advantages and also give you special tasks to complete which can earn you huge amounts of cash and lots of publicity. Furthermore, other benefits are available for the formation for an organisation, its name of it, an activation all-fire alliances, as well as the selection of clothes that your participants wear.

To become a major player, you must initially possess one million GTAdollars. Rest assured, the amount will not be taken to your credit card. If you do have these funds, then use the interaction menu, scroll down down to ” SecuroServ“. After that, validate this choice and then sign up for the Fat Guy. You’ll have to input the name of your organization and eventually be able hire members. These members will be your bodyguards. This is a brief outline of the steps you need to follow:

  • You are in possession of one million GTAdollars
  • In the interaction menu, open the menu and choose “SecuroServ”
  • Choose “Register as Fatty” and then submit the form. Fatty” after which send it in.
  • Give your Organization in the manner you think best
  • Invite a few of your friends who can lend a hand
  • Return to the SecuroServ menu and then choose the mission you wish to complete.

A little tip to remember, big shoot missions and challenges can give you more RP as well as more money if completed the tasks with just the last few seconds. To ensure you get the most money, verify your mission within the final 30 seconds remaining.

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