GTA Online: How to get rich and earn GTA$ and PR?

To ensure that you don’t be in a financial bind In order to not run out of cash, here is a comprehensive list of tasks that let you earn lots of cash and quickly and in a legal method that is not bribing. There are missions that you can complete on your own or in conjunction with others.

The events highlighted each week

As you are aware that within GTA Online, every week there are activities that are acknowledged. This means that you can choose them since they give you twice the GTA$ and PR as well as GTA dollars as well as the possibility to be multiplied. This means that you can make a few tens of thousand of GTA dollars in a relatively short amount of period of time.


Session events

If in an online session there are enough players participating in it, then one-time events are scheduled. So, you must complete the tasks like driving the most distances in the back in the back, killing as many players as you can with headshots, or destructing as many vehicles as you can. Additionally, you can make a lot of cash in a brief period of time.

If you like playing with your friends, you should consider the techniques that be followed.

Night Box

If you run an establishment for nightclubs, be aware that you need to sign up as a CEO, or big shot to carry out the duties it provides. You can advertise your club (this can increase the popularity of your club and consequently the profits of your account) however, you may also sell any kind of merchandise.


As an executive

If you own an executive office, cargo warehouses and vehicles it could be interesting to you.

If you have more than one person Feel free to conduct vehicle theft tasks. You can’t decide which type of vehicle to use (low-end or mid-range, as well as high-end). Our suggestion is to stock your warehouse with the most vehicles you can, and you will be able to make sales by partnering with four people. The money will be deposited into your account.


You can also choose the possibility of performing more or less profitable sales of your goods. Therefore, you should first, through your computer purchase items (alcohol or works of art, jewellery…) and then sell these items in the hope of gaining some interesting capital gains. It is the same rule is to wait until your store is full before selling them all at once.


There are also big man missions and challenges. The rewards are less however, the tasks are quicker. You can count on the range of GTA$5,000 to the GTA$20,000.

As a Biker Group Leader

In our opinion, this is an extremely intriguing areas. If you have an biker’s HQ and are looking to buy one, do not hesitate to make a purchase at the meth and coke shops. They are able to pay for themselves quickly. To be able to sell you first need to use a computer start a replenishment. Beware, you’ll have the option to take it away, or paying to purchase it (count 7,55,000 GTAdollars to fill up your tank of raw materials). It’s best to take these items in order to make more profit. If there are a lot individuals, your process will be much faster. Once the bar is fully filled then you can start making an offer. Then you have the option to sell it at the closest outlet, however it’s less profitable and selling it in the one located further away, and much more intriguing. It is estimated to be 500 000 GTAdollarsper sale, plus an extra reward in the amount of $ GTAif there are other bosses competing with you who are in attendance during the sale.

There are many other types of workshops, such as the production of counterfeit money or even counterfeit papers, however, they remain not as interesting. You should prefer meth and coke.


Arms Sales: Bunker

The heat is on! Because of your bunker, you’ll notice your pockets get full quickly. You can choose in this case to and steal or purchase resupplies (same principles as with meth or coke) Once you’ve got your supply of goods then sell the goods. Warning: These sales require at minimum four players. You can conduct them as a CEO or Gang Leader. It is however preferable to perform them as an a biker leader because you are able to recruit more participants. The maximum value of an entire sale of a weapon will be 1,000,000 GTAdollars!!


The Heists

There are 3 sets of the heists to complete. We’ll dissect them for you in the order you want them.

Then, there are the initial thefts. Since March 2015, you have to be in possession a luxurious apartment. That is, an apartment that has garages that can accommodate 10 vehicles. In the second case, Lester will install a room where all thefts will be organized. There are five of them The most fascinating is the one last which could earn up to 1,250,000 GTAdollars. Be aware that the profits are divided in accordance with the share you pick and your earnings could decrease based on the injuries you’ve sustained. You should carry out the heists using difficult mode, not easy as the rewards are greater.

Additionally, an aspect that should not be forgotten, if have not yet attempted heists and are not aware of the rewards, you’ll receive “first time” bonus cash, which is 100,000 GTAdollars every time. There is even more if you successfully complete the Elite tasks.


Finale of World Bracket

In order to complete an End of the World Heist it is necessary to possess an elaborate. Inside, a huge screen will be available to you, along with a range of pre-planned missions to carry out and subsequent preparatory missions. Then comes the most important task to be completed. Divided into three principal tasks (including one final theft) Here are the rewards you could receive:

  • Data Leaks – GTA$650,000 (normal), GTA$812,500 (difficult)
  • Name of code: Bogdan – GTA$950,000 (normal) GTA$1,187,000.500 (hard)
  • An end-of-the-world scenario – GTA$1,200,000 (normal), GTA$1,500,000 (hard)


Casino Bracketing

The arcade is now available and you are now able to rob at the Diamond Casino. To be able to do this, first buy the arcade (free for Twitch Prime owners). In this area there is in the middle the room for the organization of the casino’s robbery. The team and the method you select and the level of professionalism they display the amount you make will vary. You could win as much as GTA$3,290,000 in normal mode, and up to GTA3,619,000 when playing in Hard mode. However, be aware that the amount you win could be reduced if you are able to keep everything inside your safe, or not and in the event that you suffer injury in your escape.


Criminal Brain

This is the highest-paying job, but it’s also it is also the most complex and difficult to complete. Keep your fingers crossed If you are able to finish this challenge you’ll be awarded 10,000,000 GTAdollars! !

To complete this task it is necessary to finish the first set of thefts (found in your luxurious apartment) in Difficult mode however, be aware that you have to complete the heists in a sequential order, with the same team and lastly, WITHOUT dying. But just because you’re not dead doesn’t mean you won’t fail. If, at some point, you fail due to a lack of time, or some other reason Don’t fret you don’t have to start over right from the beginning of the Heist! If you are unfortunate enough that one of your colleagues is killed, you’ll need to start over again not the first time that you’ve robbed.

Benefits of Twitch Prime

The final point If you’ve connected with your Social Club account with your Twitch Prime account, regularly Rockstar Gamesrewards its users by giving prizes such as 1,000,000 GTAdollars, 250,000 GTA$or even 500 000 GTAdollars.

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