GTA Online: Import-Export bonuses are on the agenda this week

The Import Export Bonus is available in GTA Online

The market for stolen cars is turning out to be extremely profitable this week in GTA Online. Its Import and Export mission (stealing and reselling vehicles) let you take home more than double GTAdollars and RP up to June 23 on Thursday. Additionally, if you can capture five vehicles at car trafficking shows in the coming two weeks, then you’ll be rewarded with an unimaginably large benefit in the amount of 250,000 GTAdollars. If you double down, you’ll get double.

Double and triple bonus offers in GTA Online


The powerful guys are going to require your assistance. To help them, you’ll have to finish Extraction missions that are currently on Thursday and will give you three times the reward. The tasks involve locating the target and then securing it until the point of extraction, and a team of assassins does everything to capture and shoot the identical mark.

Missions with big cash and challenges

All through June 23 , all big and challenging shot missions are offering double rewards Double GTAdollars as well as double the PR. You can go to the black menu and follow the steps to create some. Beware, you can hire four bodyguards if you’re an executive.

Weekly rankings of GTA Online as well as promotions

From this day on Thursday the brand new car on offer in the Diamond Casino Resort and it’s the Overflow Entity XF. To win, to spin the wheel of a casino located in the hotel But be aware, you can only try one time each day. This offer is open until June 23rd.

Here’s the complete schedule of the latest promotions:

  • 40 percent off the Pfister 811.
  • 40 percent discount on Benefactor Stirling GTA.
  • 40% off the Seven-70 model of Dewbauchee.
  • 35 percent off on the B-11 Strikeforce.
  • 35 percent from the price of Buckingham Volatus.

Prime Gaming Benefits

Connect to your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive an extra reward of up to 100000 GTA$ when you play GTA Online during this time.

Prime Gaming subscribers will also enjoy exclusive offers, such as 70% off on the Buckingham Valkyrie and -80 percent of the Dinka Sugoi.

To remind you, GTA V is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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