GTA Online: New Maps Available for Survival Mode

GTA Online welcomes new maps for its Survival mode

A new storm of violence and chaos is taking over Los Santos with the arrival of new maps for Survival Mode. The maps are available on July 8 within GTA Online; they are seven in number and allow players to roam through the city. Below is the full list of the new maps:

  • The survival of Vespuci’s canals. Vespuci.
  • Survival at Kortz.
  • Survival at Maibastu Motors.
  • Surviving at the Underpass.
  • The Survival of the Quarry.

To celebrate these new games, all missions in Survival mode give you twice the rewards , with 2x more GTAdollars and 2x more RP. In addition, any involvement in any of them allows you to leave with an impressive reward that is 100,000 GTAdollars.

Earnings tripled

In the week ending July 8, GTA Online’s free-to-play events are becoming more lucrative because they can offer triple winners, with three times more GTAdollars plus 3x more RRP. To be eligible, you must play in the free mode and not passive mode. Various events could be activated, including Lucrative Destruction or Tag Stealing.

Podium and promotions from the week

A new car is now in place on the premises of Diamond Casino Resort, and it’s the Vapid Retinue II. If you want to win this prize all you need to do is to the fortune wheel located in the casino however be aware that there is only one chance every day.

Here are the latest promos:

  • 40 percent off Cargobob.
  • 40 percent off the Lampadati Toro.
  • 40 discount on Kraken.
  • 40% off garages.

  • 40 percent off the Vapid Slamtruck.
  • 40 discount on the Vetir.
  • 30 percent discount off of the Ubermacht Revolter.
  • 30 percent off the Nokota p-45.

  • 30 percent off the RM-10 Bombushka.
  • 30 percent off the V-65 Molotok.

Premium gaming benefits

GTA Online users who can connect the Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive $100,000 GTA to play anytime this week. Additionally, Prime Gaming members will enjoy exclusive discounts, such as 70 percent off the Buckingham Valkyrie helicopter and 80 percent discount on the Dinka Sugoi.

To remind you, Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch in its new version for PS5 and Xbox Series from November 11.

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