GTA Online: Repair the 10 broken antennas of the Still Slipping radio station

As of the Cayo Perico updates on GTA Online, in addition to the addition of this bizarre vehicle and a heist, new radio stations are also available. It is true that there are three new stations, the first of which is named “Still Slipping” Los Santos. The station is operated by British DJ Joy Orbison, but he’s struggling to start the pirate station due to the fact that some Radio antennas are damaged..

Therefore, you must help him put everything back in order by discovering 10 antennas damaged and fix them. Once this is completed, Joy Orbison can broadcast in peace. You can however imagine these being located all over Los Santos, so through this guide we’ll show you the locations for these.

The location of antennas that are damaged

  • Cypress Flats: located on top of the building, in between the apartment buildings
  • Vespucci Beach: on the top of the hill behind the gym
  • Kortz is located atop that building at Pacific Bluffs
  • Vinewood Hills: in an array of antennas
  • Radio station rebel located situated in the Great Senora Desert
  • Sandy Shores: near Trevor’s trailer located on the right side of town
  • Mount Chiliad: on the platform made of metal that is part that is part of the cable car
  • Paleto Bay situated on the top of a structure behind Ammu-Nation
  • San Chianski Mountains South of Grapseed close to the highway
  • Burton is located at the very highest point of Rockford Plaza

When you’ve restored all the antennas that are damaged You will be awarded a amazing $250,000 GTA dollars as well as 10,000 RP.

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