GTA Online: Return to the Line welcomes 7 new arenas

Seven new arenas are added to Back to the Line as along with several bonus features in GTA Online

As of this 24th June in GTA online The Return to the Line events have received revamped with seven new arenas that will allow players to be able to grip the handlebars and demonstrate that they’re best of Los Santos. Alongside these new “circuits,” the events are now bringing the chance to triple the reward by bringing 3x more GTA money and 3x more publicity.

Additionally there is no time to buy this Shotaro because it’s refundable of 750,000 GTAdollars.

There are always more rewards to be had in GTA Online

GTAPR and $ tripled

The week of yacht missions will let you make a little more money after the massive expenses that are due to your boat. Through its missions, you’ll have the chance to get three times as much by doubling GTAmoney as well as tripled PR. You must call Captain Darcy via your iFruit and finish as all in the six missions you’d like to get them started.

GTAThe amount of money and the RP increased

For the case of Close Protection In Close Protection, you’ll need to prove your worth, whether as an assassin or bodyguard. The purpose of these tasks is to safeguard the VIP victim until they are removed and stop the victim from being killed by a gang of murderers. In this week, the benefits of these missions will be increased by a whopping.

Additionally to this, other missions could let you earn more money since the benefits of sales of air cargo are doubled and this is valid until June 30. To be able to complete these missions requirements, you need to have an aircraft hangar and be an executive.

GTA Online Rankings and promotions from the week

A brand new car is available for sale in Diamond Casino, and it’s the Enus Windsor Drop which is patiently waiting for you to take the stage. If you want to be a winner, Try your luck and turn the luck wheel inside the building. Be aware that you only get one chance every day.

Here are the offers on offer this Thursday, 24 June:

  • 40 percent Discount off Buckingham Luxor.
  • 40 percent Discount Buckingham Luxor Deluxe.
  • Save 40% of the Buckingham Swift. 40 percent off on Buckingham Swift Deluxe. Buckingham Swift Deluxe. 40% of the Buckingham SuperVolito. 40% discount off of Buckingham SuperVolito carbon.

  • 40 percent off the Gallivanter Baller LE.
  • 40 percent off 40% off Gallivanter baller LWB LWB (armored).
  • 40 percent off the Enus Cognoscenti.
  • 40 percent off Enus Cognoscenti armored.

Prime Gaming offers and bonuses

Connect to your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive the Bonus of 100,000 GTAdollars just to play GTA Online during this time.

Additionally, Prime Gaming subscribers will get exclusive deals, including 60 percent off of the Buckingham Nimbus private jet and 80 percent of the two-door Grotti Bestia GTS and the classic Karin 190z sports car.

To remind you, Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch in its new version for PS5 along with the Xbox Series from November 11.

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