GTA Online: Rewards tripled across land-based races

Double and triple your rewards with GTA Online

Land Races

This week on GTA Online, the race tracks are kind to aspiring drivers. They permit you, in fact on June 3rd, you can leave with three times more cash rewards: 3x more GTAmoney plus 3x more RRP.

Sales of merchandise and trade wars

Trade wars that appear randomly in-game sessions will give you the chance to earn higher profit today. They reward you twice as much by providing two times more GTAmoney as well as 2x the RP. Do not hesitate to engage in fights against other gamers to benefit from this.

Additionally, if you’re the director of a specific warehouse for merchandise, now or never time to prove that you’re the one running the business as the sales of goods also earn two times more GTAin dollars and the RP.

Promotions and bonuses are available in GTA Online

Rockstar Games has chosen to offer a generous gift to the players. Users who sign up for GTA Online this week will be given navy blue pajamas and the navy blue striped outer jacket free. Additionally, players with a rank of 100 or higher will get the rare blue checkered jacket (available within 72 hours of logging in on or after the 14th of June). In addition, Diamond Casino is doing ” open bar” since drinks are free.

Podium of the week, as well as promotions, are available on GTA Online

On Thursday, there’s a brand new vehicle available at Diamond Casino. The Overflod EntityXXR Is a Swedish hyper sports vehicle that blends modern technology, Scandinavian design, and brutal power. You can test drive it once every day to be the winner.

Here’s the complete calendar of promotions starting the 3rd of June:

  • 40 discount Diamond Casino decks and suites.
  • 40 percent discount on luxury homes, improvements and customisations.
  • 60 reduction on office space for CEOs.
  • 50 percent discount on all products warehouses.
  • 40% off Pegassi Tempesta. Pegassi Tempesta.
  • 35 percent off 35% off Ruiner 2000.
  • 40 percent off the Pegassi Reaper. 40% off the Osiris. 40% off on of the Vapid FMJ.

Gaming bonus and other benefits

Connect to your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive 100 000 GTAdollars just when you play GTA Online this week.

Additionally, Prime Gaming subscribers will enjoy exclusive discounts, such as a 60 percent discount on the Maxwell Vagrant buggy and 80 percent off the traditional Karin Sultan sedan, as well as the huge Mammoth Patriot Stretch.

GTA V is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for your reference.

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