GTA Online: The Übermacht Cypher comes to Los Santos

The original Karin Sultan RS is available in GTA Online

New week, brand new vehicle is available on GTA Online. The name to Rockstar Games is indeed welcomed on August 26, the legendary Karin Sultan RS. The car is available to buy through Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Broken on the beach

A boat that is stranded is located in the ocean and, according to locals, it is home to many treasures and pieces of clothing. If you are able to mix seven of these pieces and you’ll have an outfit from a different time. Be aware, this mess could change locations.

GTA$ and the RP Bonus

Auto Workshops
If you run an auto shop, clients’ vehicles will earn you more money than they normally do. This week, modifying their cars will yield you an additional 2x GTAdollars and double the PR.

Contact Missions
Lester has a job for you. The missions he has as of Thursday will give you a double GTAdollars and RP Take benefit of this.

Daredevil Races
Various daredevil events can also reward you with double GTAdollars and RP. To earn this bonus it is all you need to do is participate, but you first need to go to their menu and then click on ” Daredevil Races.” The races that will be affected by the bonus have trademarks for GTAas and RP being doubled.

Bodyguards and Partners
It’s great being a bodyguard partner as a bodyguard or partner GTA Online. The CEOs of this week have been generous to their employees, as they increase their salary by three times.

Challenge and reward for car show vehicle

LS Car Show members who are in the top 2 in each of the Chase events four days in succession will be awarded Annis Euros to be modified the way they want to.

Podium and promotions from the week

The Diamond Casino Resort has given way to the vapid GB200, the sober rally vehicle with two doors. If you want to be a winner you will get one chance every day to play the fortune wheel inside the structure.

Here are the latest specials:

    • 40% off Bravado Carriage.
    • 30 percent off on the Vapid Dominator GTT.

40 percent discount off of on the Dinka Verus. 40% off on the Pegassi Tezeract. 30 percent off on the Dewbauchee Specter.

  • 50 discount on bunkers.
  • 40% off on customizations and bunker modification.

Prime gaming benefits

Join your Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts to receive an extra 100 000 GTAdollars for using GTA Online during this week. Prime Gaming members will also enjoy exclusive deals, including a discount of -35 percent on The Obey Tailgater S and a huge discount of -80 % on Vapid Flash GT. Vapid Flash GT.

To remind you, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available as a new-generation version on PS5 and Xbox Series from November 11.

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