GTA V App is here and we’re obsessed with it

Rockstar is known for making epic games with excellent storylines and graphics. Still, not many people know that they are also pioneers in game development technology. This GTA V App gives complete control over the game, simulation, weather, and more.

What is the Grand Theft Auto Companion App

Grand Theft Auto iFruit

Grand Theft Auto iFruit free is a breathtaking and innovative app that you need to download onto your phone. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. It has tons of features that will make the Grand Theft Auto V experience more immersive. 

In addition, it never interrupts gameplay like other apps out there! Download this GTA V app today for free by downloading it from the iTunes Store or Android Google Play Store!

Grand Theft Auto iFruit makes the gameplay better

I have been playing Grand Theft Auto games ever since they first came out. When I was younger, my parents always warned me not to play it because it was too violent. 

Still, as soon as they left the house for work, I would sit in my room and delve into the world created by Rockstar. It’s a fantastic game that is getting even better with the Companion App!

But there’s one more option to explore – try GTA 5 for iPad and forget about even having a computer at home!

Grand Theft Auto Companion App

Forget about Social Club and enjoy the latest Grand Theft Auto V app

As a huge fan of GTA myself, iFruit is a lifesaver for those who want to make their experience a little more immersive without ruining the gameplay entirely. The GTA V app lets players do nearly everything a person can do in GTA V. Go from sending texts back and forth between characters to participating in Hunger Games-style challenges.

iFruit and its unique aspects

Grand Theft Auto V app
  • Planting the Seed: Using the iFruit app removes any distractions from your gameplay! You can breed one of three dog breeds at your iFruit ranch by simply tapping on the phone. If you have ever wanted to breed a Chihuahua with a poodle, now is your chance!
  • The Chop Shop feature enables players to photograph their cars using their smartphones or tablets. The shop allows easy access when viewing a list of stats about a player’s car in Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos Customs. Not only that, but it also takes less time to find an ultimate vehicle on the phone with Grand Theft Auto iFruit than it does in-game! Send texts back and forth with your friends about sales, money, or club items in this mini game.
  • Hang out with Chop: You can hang out with Chop and perform tricks with him or pet him by simply going into Grand Theft Auto iFruit – no need to load up Grand Theft Auto V first. It even gives you an option to play fetch, buy new collars and make sure Chop is properly trained.

Los Santos Customs at your fingertips

Android and iOS GTA V App

The Grand Theft Auto iFruit is an excellent addition that lets players control the in-game races from their mobile device using the Los Santos Customs app. So whether you’re itching to race or want to get new paint jobs, new lights, window tints, the Rockstar Games iFruit app is a fun way to play with friends and family!

Rockstar Games knows how to spoil iOS and Android users

The GTA V app went live for iOS devices on December 11th, and Android users could join in the fun two days later. Maybe it will also arrive on other platforms in the future. 

Of course, the GTA V iFruit experience is much richer when played alongside your main game – but some options stand out very well on their own too. So you can finally enjoy the real social interaction on your phone.

Be up to date with the latest news

iFruit app

We strongly recommend downloading this app onto any mobile device you have before playing it with others. Not only does it add a level of depth to the Grand Theft Auto V that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you. Yet it’s also plain cool with all its fun activities to perform!

You can also start playing GTA 5 in Mobile today and make your gaming experience even better!

Android and iOS GTA V App in a nutshell

  • You can design your custom license plate! Use custom license plates for your car to be more personalized.
  • If you choose not to make one yourself, you can use one of 20 pre-made plates provided by Rockstar Games. These range from clever to dirty, so keep them away from the kids!
  • Add your friends to your in-game address book using iFruit – then challenge them via Quick Job or invite them into a custom lobby for an impromptu race.
  • Race any of the 15 available cars through the streets of Los Santos either alone, against friends, or random players.
  • Find the nearest hidden items on the map
  • Build up your garage with custom cars that you’ve won on the track or purchased in stores around Los Santos

Wait no longer and try it out

The full suite of Rockstar Games Social Club features is available to Android and iOS users. iFruit works best if everyone has an up to date iDevice running GTA V at the same time. But it functions pretty well by itself too!

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