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Hindustani Bhau Attacks Pakistani Students

The Hindustani Bhau is a YouTuber who has made a name for himself by taking part in the popular reality TV show “Bigg Boss 13”. He targets Pakistani YouTubers who use slang words and insults. However, he’s not the only one who’s been targeted by the Hindustani Bhau. A large group of students gathered outside the home of the minister on Monday. Police responded to the crowd by deploying a baton.

Vikas Jayaram Phatak

Hindustani Bhau was born on 7 August 1983 in Mumbai, India. He is popular among his fans for his sarcastic videos and abusive jibes. He has participated in the Bigg Boss 13 reality show. Hindustani Bhau has a YouTube channel. After the Pulwama attack, Hindustani Bhau took to social media to express his outrage by giving insulting names to Pakistanis. His videos went viral on social media.

Hindustani Bhau’s official YouTube channel has more than seven thousand subscribers. However, the channel is not monetized. He also has a full-time job as a news reporter at the Daksh Police Times in Mumbai. In 2011, Hindustani Bhau was awarded the prestigious Chief Crime Reporter Award for Mumbai. He is also the founder of the NGO Sankalp Yuva partisan.

Hindustani Bhau’s videos are widely shared on social media and he has nearly five million followers on Instagram. His videos have over a million views and are a popular subject of discussion on the platform. He has also become a popular social media influencer and is known for nagging people on social media.

Vikas Jayaram Phatak is known by many names. He is an Indian social media influencer, and he uses his YouTube channel to share his opinions about current events in his hometown. His videos go viral, and his followers on Instagram are rising. He also posts videos on Tik Tok, and his Tik Tok Id is @hindustani bhau.

The show is also known for hosting a wild card contestant, Hindustani Bhau. He uses provocative language and has a huge fan base. His controversial videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube. However, Hindustani Bhau will be a tough competitor.

Vikas Pathak is a famous social media personality, who came from a humble background. His mother and father were poor, and he had to drop out of school at a young age. In order to make ends meet, Vikas worked as a ball boy at a tennis court, as well as in a dance bar in Mumbai. He was also a news reporter for a local newspaper.

Vikas Pathak is also famous on YouTube. He has gained popularity for his videos on political issues. He has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and has an active social media presence. He also posts videos about current events of interest to the nation.

Hindustani Bhau has a large audience in India. He uploads videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. He roasts people who speak against the country in his videos. He has a large number of YouTube subscribers and is very active on Tik Tok.

Hindustani Bhau has a net worth of around 40 to 50 lakh rupees. His YouTube channel also earns him money. He is popular on social media and also on television reality show Bigg Boss. He has also been arrested by the police in Mumbai.

Vikas Jayaram Phatak is one of the Hindustani Bhau members in Mumbai who have gone to jail after making threats on social media. He is also demanding a cancellation of the 12th Board Exams. However, the police have since learned of the protest and have arrested the Hindustani Bhau.

Vikas Pathak has become a household name thanks to her involvement in the reality television show Bigg Boss. While on the show, she created a buzz inside the house and gained a lot of fame. Vikas is married and has a son named Aditya.


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AboutContent creator and reality TV star, the most famous is his roommate in the episode Bigg Boss 13. He is also known for uploading vlogs and lifestyle videos through his YouTube channel, and he has more than 1.6 million subscribers. Before becoming famous, he began to attract attention on social media when he first joined YouTube in December 2013. In April 2019, when he started sharing viral videos via TikTok, he gained further attention. Trivia. He is also known for his work as a reporter in the Daksh Police Times. He was awarded the Best Chief Crime Reporter in Mumbai in 2011. Appear with him in Bigg Boss 13 with Arhaan Khan and Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

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