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Jacksepticeye Phone Number

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What is the Current Number of Jacksepticeye?

If you have been wondering what is the current number of Jacksepticeye, you have come to the right place. Here you will find details on the current number of subscribers, earnings, and net worth of this YouTube star. You will also find details on Jacksepticeye’s social media accounts. The social media pages are also active and you can contact the creator through them. If you want to share your opinions about the creator, you can also send him an email.


Jacksepticeye is a YouTube channel that has millions of subscribers. Its videos are filled with comedic content. The channel has more than 15.5 billion views and more than 28 million subscribers. In addition to its videos, Jacksepticeye also has a clothing line. His videos have helped raise millions of dollars for charity.

Subscribers to Jacksepticeye come from all over the world. The YouTuber started in 2007 and began uploading videos in 2012. His passion for gaming and video editing led him to start the channel. Despite a slow start, Jacksepticeye persevered and uploaded at least two videos a day. By early 2016, his channel had more than 2,500 subscribers.

Subscribers to Jacksepticeye are a great source of income. He generates an average of two million views on each video and earns more than $10,000 in YouTube ads. His “ALL THE WAY” video, for example, would have earned over $70,000 if it had been made with ads, and his other video content could easily bring him more than seven million dollars.


Jacksepticeye is a YouTube sensation who earns more than $1 million annually. His videos have amassed over 15.5 billion views, making him one of the most popular YouTubers. His channel is also popular for his charity work, raising over $1 million for various causes. His charitable endeavors have also led to several business ventures. In addition to running his YouTube channel, he has created a clothing line, Cloak, which he sells in stores.

Jacksepticeye was born on February 7, 1990. He completed his primary and secondary education, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he considers himself a millennial. As of the time of this writing, he has over 28 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.8 million followers on Twitch.

Jacksepticeye has an estimated salary of $6 million a year, but many fans wonder how he manages to post two videos a day. The answer is: hard work. His daily uploading schedule leaves him exhausted. He recently announced that he will take a break in July 2020. Although his two-video-a-day schedule has been cut back, he plans to resume his work in February 2021.

Net worth

Jacksepticeye is a popular YouTube personality who is based in Ireland. He makes vlogs and other content relating to gaming. His net worth is estimated to reach $25 million by 2022. He is also a musician, having played the drums for the Irish band Raised to the Ground.

Since signing with Disney’s Digital Network and Twitch in January 2018, he has established a clothing line called CLOAK, which he co-founded with Markiplier. In addition, he has launched his own coffee brand, Top of the Mornin’ Coffee, which partners with the Feya Foundation and donates one meal for every coffee sold.

Jacksepticeye has made a considerable net worth from his YouTube channel. It is estimated that he earns anywhere from $37k to $600k a month. He has also performed live shows in the UK and Europe. Regardless of how much he earns, his net worth is a great deal higher than the average YouTuber.

Relationship with Evelien “Gab” Smolders

Evelien Gab Smolders is a YouTube star who is popular for her gaming videos. Her YouTube channel has more than 839,000 subscribers and 290,000 followers. She has also collaborated with other YouTubers, including MrKravin, Stefanie Josten, and TheRPGMinx. She is currently dating Youtube superstar Sean William McLoughlin. They announced their relationship on March 15, 2019 and have been seen in each others’ videos. The video gamer has previously been married to Taiyou Inc, a YouTube personality. The couple filed for divorce in September 2018.

Smolders started her Youtube channel in 2014. She was able to replace her other source of income with it, and she quit her job at a translation agency to focus on making YouTube videos and Twitch streaming. Smolders’s hobbies include playing video games, especially horror games. Her favorite game is Silent Hill. She also used to play handball and badminton. She was a goalkeeper on her high school team and loved to cycle. However, while cycling she was hit by a car and her collarbone took some time to heal.

Smolders is a Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer. She is a Dutch native. Her username, Gab, derives from the Dutch phrase “GebrekAanBeter”, which means “Going faster”. She studied at Leiden University and learned Japanese. She was married to fellow YouTuber Pyke TaiYouInc” until mid-2010 when she separated from him.

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Regarding the energetic video game commentator, he showed his videos on his YouTube channel jacksepticeye. The channel has gained more than 27 million subscribers. Before becoming famous, he started making YouTube videos full-time after graduating from a hospitality management degree. Trivia One of his most popular videos is “Mirror Edge and Oculus Rift”. He reached an agreement with Disney Digital Network in 2018 to sign a contract to create exclusive content through Twitch. Sean McLaughlin was born in family life. He grew up with two brothers and two sisters in Ireland. His father died in January 2021. He is dating Signe Hansen until mid-2018. In 2019, he started dating Girl Gamer Gab, a Dutch YouTube anchor. Associated WithHe collaborates with other popular YouTube anchors such as PewDiePie and Markiplier to produce videos.

He has completely little mature for everything, but he is unconditionally keen to communicate once his fans – especially by phone, email or social media. If you truly desire to entre him, send him one message and wait for his reply. If he doesn’t respond in a few hours, you can send him marginal notice – recall that there are furthermore further fans waiting for him to respond them! Wait for your incline calmly. It may be that they will desire to call you, not just send a message. after that you can go ahead and pick it up. However, remember not to acknowledge too much of his time. The best form of door will be sending a message, you can then call, but remember not to get it several times. He will call you assist behind he has time.

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