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TikTok star whose comedic videos and dance videos have earned him over 8 million fans. He is known for featuring other creators such as Chase Hudson, Griffin Johnson and Chase Keith in his posts. Also a singer, he released his debut single “Comatose” in March 2020. 

Before Fame

His first Instagram post was on July 20, 2016, and was a photo of one of his drawings. 


He is represented by TalentX Entertainment. In summer 2019, he posted a video of himself playing one of his original songs on ukulele to TikTok. In late 2019, he joined the social group Sway House alongside Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves and other popular social influencers. He signed to Travis Barker’s music label DTA Records in 2020. 

Family Life

He was born in Texas and moved to Tennessee when he was 14 years old. His parents are Wilson Hossler Jr. and Amy Denae Hossler. He has two sisters named Sophie and Haley. He started dating Mads Lewis in the beginning of late 2019, but their relationship ended in early 2020.

Associated With

He has uploaded duets with Avani Gregg and Gustavo Bonfim to TikTok. 

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