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The Current Population of Lachlan in Australia

In 2016, Lachlan had a population of 6,194 people. Approximately 50 percent of the residents were male, while the other half were female. Almost one-seventh of the population was Aboriginal. About 20 percent of the residents were 65 years or older. About 47 percent of the population was married, while another ten percent were divorced, separated, or in a de facto relationship.

Lachlan’s median household size

Lachlan has a median household size of 2.9 people. This is higher than the national median of 2.3 people. The median personal income of those aged 15 and over in Lachlan is $556 a week. The majority of people commute to work by car, driving a private vehicle. However, many people also use public transport.

The area had 6,194 people in the 2016 Census. Almost half of them were male and half were female. Of these, 17.7% were Aboriginal, and 20.4% were aged 65 or over. Approximately 47% of the population was married, while 28.3% were single. In addition, 13.2% of Lachlan residents were in de facto relationships.

In 2011, Lachlan had a median household size of 2.9 people. This means that households in Lachlan were primarily composed of childless couples. Most Lachlan residents worked in professional occupations. The median age of residents was 22. The majority of households were owned by their owners.

Lachlan is home to 437 residential dwellings. Property prices in Lachlan range from $64,000 to $810,000. This makes it a popular place for those looking to purchase a home. The average home is worth $385,000, and the median price is within 24 Km of the beach.

Its median household income

The median household income in Lachlan is $1,449 a week, which is above the Australian median. The median household size in Lachlan is 1.9 persons, with 0.7 people living in each bedroom. The median household income also includes the cost of the median mortgage repayment, which is $1,083 per month. These figures are adjusted for small random adjustments which could affect the total number of rows and columns in a table. More information about these adjustments is available in the QuickStats User Guide.

As of 2016, there were 841 people living in Lachlan. The majority of people were male, with 53.5% of the population being aged between 25 and 64. There were also 13.0% of people who were 65 and older. The majority of residents in Lachlan were married, with 54.3% in full-time employment, and 14.4% in part-time jobs.

Of Lachlan residents, 17.0% of employed people were engaged in domestic work. These people also provided care for children. Another 13.4% of Lachlan’s workers worked as a volunteer, either through a group or organisation. Overall, the most common occupation in Lachlan was community and personal services workers, followed by professional and technical workers. Meanwhile, 12.0% of Lachlan residents were employed in an industry that pays less than $30 an hour, such as the health care and social assistance industry.

In terms of racial diversity, Lachlan’s population is overwhelmingly Australian. While there are some visitors to the Shire from outside Australia, most residents are Australian citizens. The median age in Lachlan was 8.9% older than the NSW average and 2.5% older than the national average.

According to the latest census, the median household income in Lachlan and the surrounding suburbs remains at the same level as the Sydney median. While Lachlan’s median income is at the Sydney median, the local area’s median income has remained a consistent $881 a week.

Its median mortgage repayment

The median mortgage repayment for Lachlan residents is $1,210 a month. This is the lowest repayment in the state and represents a significant saving for those on a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage. The amount that a Lachlan resident pays each month on their mortgage is directly related to the price of their property and their tenure in the home. The mortgage repayments are also directly related to the equity that a Lachlan resident has in their home.

The median household income in Lachlan is $564 per week and $1,212 per month. Rent in the region is $250 per week and median mortgage repayment is $1465 a month. In Lachlan, the median mortgage repayment is $433 less per month than in NSW. The median rent in Lachlan is $160 less per week than in NSW.

Its median employment rate

The median employment rate of Lachlan was 7.4% for people aged 15 and over. The average person worked for five to fourteen hours per week. The majority of employed people used their own car to get to work, or they worked from home. Twenty-one percent of people worked for themselves. The rest opted to work for an employer. The most common occupations were Professionals, Community and Personal Service Workers, Technicians and Trades Workers, and Clerical and Administrative Workers.

In 2016, around 841 people lived in Lachlan. A majority were male: 53.5% were in a couple family, and twenty-one percent were single. Indigenous people accounted for 2.9% of the population, and people aged 65 and over made up 13.0% of the population. Of the employed population, fifty-seven percent were employed full-time, twenty-one percent worked part-time, and six percent were unemployed. These figures are from the ABS Labour Force Survey, which provides the official estimates of unemployment in Australia.

Despite the high unemployment rate, it is important to remember that not everyone in Lachlan is seeking a job. This means that people who are unemployed or underemployed should consider getting a new job. Lachlan’s unemployment rate, or the unemployment rate, is based on data collected by the ABS and Centrelink. The data on unemployment rates is published quarterly in the Small Area Labour Markets publication.


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