Neha Kakkar phone number

Neha Kakkar  phone number


Indian singer known for competing on season 2 of Indian Idol in 2006. She has since launched a successful career as a singer performing live and as a Bollywood playback singer. She has also created a successful YouTube vlogging channel with over 11 million followers.

Before Fame

She was raised in Delhi and attended New Holy Public School when she tried out for Indian Idol in 2006.


Her YouTube channel blew up after she uploaded a video of herself sining a song she wrote and dedicated to Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

Family Life

Her sister Sonu is a famous playback singer and her brother Tony is a film composer.

Associated With

She sang the huge hit “Second Hand Jawaani” for the movie Cocktail starring Saif Ali Khan.

How do I get a phone number for Neha Kakkar ?
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How do you find the telephone numbers available on your website?
It’s very simple! We search the internet and sometimes our users send us the correct numbers. Remember that the number you find with us does not have to be correct!

Is there anything else I can do when the number given does not answer?
You can let us know. Write a comment and don’t worry about anything. Maybe we can search for the current number on the Internet and find it.

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