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What is the Current Population of the North West of England?

The North West has about 7.4M people, with an average density of 522 people per square kilometer. The region’s population increased by 8.6% since 2002, and its average age rose by 1.7 years. The most recent census, in 2011, recorded 2.34 people per household. This chart shows the change in the total population over the years, as well as the number of deaths registered.


The population of the north west of England is similar to that of the rest of the country. However, the proportion of people with no qualifications is higher in the North West than in the rest of the UK. This difference is most obvious in the 15-24 age group. Over 8% of the population in the region has no qualification, compared to only 2% in the rest of England.

Current projections for the population of the North West indicate that it will be around seven million people by 2033, assuming the recent trend continues. This means that the region will have the lowest increase in population of all English regions, with a decrease in pensioners, but a growth in children. The population of the north west is projected to increase by 0.73% in the next decade.

The North West is home to the Borakalao National Park and Pilanesberg National Park. These two parks are home to springbok, brown hyenas, and bulbuls. The majority of the population is black, with less than one percent of the population being white. In addition, most people speak Tswana. Xhosa is also spoken by a small percentage of the population. The largest cities of the North West are Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp.

The region is home to several soap operas. Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, and Brookside are just some of the many TV programs filmed in the area. In fact, Coronation Street, which debuted in Manchester in 1969, celebrated its 50th birthday in December 2010.


The latest population statistics are available for the North West and provide a wealth of information. Using statistics from the 2011 Census, you can see population levels, foreign born residents, languages spoken, and much more. You can also compare the North West to other regions in England to see how the numbers compare. The figures also show the increasing number of non-UK born residents in the region.


The current number of students at North-West College-Van Nuys is approximately 175 students, with 100% being full-time and 0 part-time students. The remaining 3 students live outside the United States. The school offers a wide variety of courses and certificates. The college also offers programs that prepare students for jobs in the health and wellness fields.

The demographics of the school show that the majority of students are Hispanic or Latino, with only 12% of the student body being white. The remainder is made up of 6.29% Asian and 4.57% Black or African American students. The college’s graduation rate is calculated as a percentage of full-time, first-time students who complete their program.

The number of students at Northwest University is below the national average for colleges. Most students enroll in bachelor’s degrees, and a small number of students enroll in graduate programs. The student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1. Most classes have less than 20 students. Northwest University is a member of the NAIA, and 75% of its full-time undergraduates receive need-based financial aid. The average award is $21,582.

Unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in the North West is estimated to have been at its lowest for the three months ending January 2019. The region’s lowest unemployment rate and number of unemployed persons was 4.3% in the three months ending August 2004. The regional labour market statistical series began in May 1992. Unemployment rates in the north west have fluctuated from 4.5% to 3.6% over the last five years.

To investigate the reasons for such variations, Taylor and Bradley analyzed the regional unemployment rate in the North West. They divided the region’s unemployment rate into non-cyclical and cyclical components and used regression analysis to investigate the spatial patterns of unemployment. The study uncovered some regional differences in unemployment rates and suggested policies to reduce those differences.

The LFS survey methodology uses rolling three-month periods. Therefore, estimates are not directly comparable to the prior two periods or the previous quarter. Moreover, the confidence intervals for the previous period are not available. Further, the confidence intervals for males and females are not published. As a result, the confidence intervals for the rate of unemployment for each group is double that for the whole population.

While unemployment rates in the north west are low in comparison to national levels, they remain high in some states. The unemployment rate for whites in these states is higher than the rate for non-Hispanics. Nonetheless, white workers’ rates are still low when compared to the rates in other groups and for previous periods.

Unemployment rates in the north west are higher than the rate in the south-west. While the region’s population has increased by a few thousand people over the last three years, its unemployed population has declined by about a thousand. Despite this, employment has increased by a fifth over this period.

Distance travelled to work

The distance travelled to work in the north west of England is much higher than the national average. The UK government’s Office for National Statistics has produced data on the number of people who commute by car to work in the region. These figures are based on the mean Euclidean distance – the straight line distance between two points. The MSOA dataset takes into account the postcode origin and destination of each person to calculate the mean distance. It shows that over half of the people who commute by car travel less than 50km to work.

Using a spatial analysis, this information can help us understand the differences in commute times between towns and cities. For example, a single day of work in the Manchester area may require a two-hour drive. In contrast, an individual may be travelling by car for an entire week if they live in Manchester.

In addition to the time spent on the commute, the data can provide valuable information on the types of transport used in the north west. The vast majority of commuters spend less than an hour getting to work. The largest segment of commutes lasts between 11 and 20 minutes, with 16% taking less than 10 minutes. The shorter travel times may be related to the increasing number of people living in city centres.

The data can be compared to those for other cities in England to understand how commuters in this region commute to work. Birmingham is the destination of 2% of commuter journeys in the country, while Manchester accounts for 1.0%. Cardiff is the destination for 0.8% of commuter journeys.

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