Take-Two Interactive requests removal of several GTA 5 mods

In terms of cleaning up the internet, the parent company behind Rockstar Games, which is Take-Two Interactive, will not be afraid to do the necessary things. Certain websites are profiting from the fame of their flagship game, which is not other than GTA5 to offer a variety of modifications. Although some are free and provide fun content, other sites are not afraid of charging players.

The team at LibertyCity.net had to inform players of the site through an announcement that various mods were removed in response to DMDCA takedown requests made by the site’s publisher (U.S. copyright laws). Some of them were well-known mods that let players experience the ambiance in Vice City and Liberty City. However, according to the site, the demand to delete the mods was explicitly aimed at ” locations, cities vehicles, characters and locations that were previously in Rockstar Games games.”

This year, several plans for what we would be able to call remakes of GTA 3 and Vice City were similarly stricken as Vice City and GTA 3 were also removed from GitHub for similar reasons. If we don’t know the reason behind the decision, , we may have to ask ourselves regarding Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive plans .

Just a few days ago, The parent firm of this company revealed in its financial statements that three remakes or remasters were currently in the process of being made. Although we do not know the names of the games, we can guess that one game made under that GTA license is on the cards. However, during the investor conference, the Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick was reported to have declared that the company was still very open to releasing all the mods accessible on the internet. However, in the case of money, the company does not hesitate to assert its rights.

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