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That Vegan Teacher Has Been Banned From Tik Tok

Vegan Teacher is a YouTube star whose real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. While it’s unclear exactly how she came up with her stage name, a 1996 article in the Montreal Gazette claims that her actual birth name is Karen-Elizabeth Hobson. In 1995, she composed a nationalistic folk song and performed it at a Unity Rally in Place du Canada. Today, she has over 20k followers on Instagram and over 175k subscribers on YouTube.

Diekmeyer has been a vegan since 2016

A vegan TikTok star, Diekmeyer rose to internet fame in 2016 through provocative videos debunking misconceptions about veganism and encouraging her followers to join her vegan lifestyle. She also posted videos of animal rights violations and created music about the importance of being a vegan. Though she is no longer an active TikTok star, she still produces daily videos that are widely watched. However, Diekmeyer has faced backlash from fans for promoting a controversial cause by making derogatory comments about celebrities who do not follow a vegan diet.

One of the main concerns about Diekmeyer is her apparent lack of knowledge about animal cruelty. Her comments are controversial and have caused outrage among many people in the LGBTQIA+ community. She also suggests that viewers should watch graphic films depicting animal slaughter, which has been a subject of controversy. However, the teacher claims that she does not force anyone to follow her vegan lifestyle, and that she has no knowledge of people getting ill or dying from her diet. She also addressed the controversy surrounding her TikTok video, in which she compared animal cruelty to Nazis.

Another vegan who has gained viral status is Kadie Diekmeyer. The 24-year-old has gone viral on Tik Tok after posting a video about animal cruelty. In her video, she encourages Nick to watch the film Dominion and then turn his life around by going vegan. In the clip, she also encourages him to go online and research vegan recipes.

She has been banned from TikTok

Despite her popularity and millions of followers, vegan YouTuber That Vegan Teacher has been banned from Tik Tok. The ban is the result of a breach of community guidelines. The TikTok creator is known for her controversial videos about the vegan lifestyle and has a polarizing fanbase. During her brief tenure as a YouTuber, she received hate comments for promoting her lifestyle in a forceful and insensitive way. In response to the criticism, many fans petitioned TikTok to ban the video creator.

The vegan YouTuber has gained over 1.5 million followers. However, because of her outspoken vegan beliefs, many people have criticized her videos and petitioned TikTok to ban her account. The petition has over 20,000 signatures, but it’s not known if it affected the decision. Regardless of the petition’s success, her TikTok channel is no longer available, and she has been forced to post a disclaimer stating that her account was removed due to violations of the community guidelines.

The video shows a woman holding a phallic carrot. She encourages her followers to change their religion and use their critical thinking skills. She also urges them to be atheists on Sundays. While religion is an important part of some people’s lives, weaponizing it is a reprehensible act.

She has violated community guidelines

There has been a lot of discussion and criticism on the Facebook page of vegan activist That Vegan Teacher, including the fact that she has made racist, bigoted, and discriminatory statements. She has also been accused of targeting young children under 18, as well as the LGBTQ+ and various religions. Many have raised concerns over her views and urged Facebook to remove her account.

She has violated multiple community guidelines and her account has been banned from the social media site. Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, who claimed to be a vegan educator, had over one million followers before being suspended. She regularly posted content about veganism, and it was widely believed by some that she was trying to make people become vegan. But despite the controversy, she has not responded to her suspension.

The comments on the video were widely critical of the teacher’s views. The videos had become increasingly popular, and she gained thousands of followers. However, the video that she shared was inflammatory and controversial. In it, she said that coming out as a vegan is no different from coming out as gay, and that killing animals for food is more virulent than the Holocaust. Her comments have caused a great deal of outrage on social media, and she has been banned from TikTok.

A popular TikTok user known as “That Vegan Teacher” has been banned from the platform for violating the website’s community guidelines. Her videos have a large following on the platform, with nearly 1.7 million followers. However, they have received a lot of hate and criticism because they are insensitive and borderline forceful.

She has a Facebook page

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, better known as That Vegan Teacher, is an animal rights activist and educator. Before beginning her online career, she was a nurse and an ESL teacher. However, she left her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She now promotes veganism as a teacher and advocate.

Her video, “The Truth About Meat,” has received widespread criticism, and her videos have been banned from TikTok. In response to this ban, That Vegan Teacher has uploaded her original creations to YouTube. Despite the ban, she still maintains a huge following. Her videos have more than 1.6 million subscribers.

Her controversial posts have led many to question her authenticity. Her videos have drawn controversy and even a petition has been started to ask Facebook to remove her account. The petition has already garnered more than 26,000 signatures. While being a vegan or vegetarian is healthy and ethical, it is not always the most convenient medical or financial choice. Furthermore, That Vegan Teacher has violated multiple Facebook community guidelines, despite being a certificated educator. Some of her comments are racist and sexist.

She has an Instagram account

The vegan teacher is not a newcomer to the world of social media. She studied English as a Second Language at Concordia University, and even attended nursing school. Her real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, but she also goes by the nickname Karen. She was born on September 24th, 1964. After graduating from nursing school, she worked as a registered nurse before quitting her job to become an elementary teacher. She later became an ESL educator in French Canadian schools.

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is better known as “That Vegan Teacher.” She is an elementary school teacher and self-proclaimed animal rights activist. Her Instagram account features many of her original creations, and she has more than 1 million followers. Before taking her online career seriously, Kadie was a nurse and ESL teacher. She had 1.6 million followers on TikTok before being banned. She has also been a vocal advocate for veganism, urging celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay to go vegan.

The teacher also has a history of controversial TikToks. In one video posted shortly after her “coming out as a vegan” video was deleted, she responded to a follower’s criticism by saying that being a vegan is less selfish than being a gay man. She went on to say that killing animals for food was worse than the Jewish Holocaust.

She has a TikTok channel

Although This Vegan Teacher has many positive things to say about the vegan lifestyle, her videos have also received some backlash. She’s been accused of racism and homophobia. She’s since been banned from TikTok but she still maintains a successful YouTube channel. Despite her controversy, The Vegan Teacher continues to spread the word about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Before she started making videos on TikTok, she was a full-time teacher in the public school system in Canada. She taught French and English as a Second Language (ESL) to students of Quebecois French.

Her videos are controversial, and she has been accused of being “insensitive” and “arrogant” by some viewers. However, despite her controversial views, The Vegan Teacher’s videos have received thousands of followers on the platform. She has also received reactions from prominent people such as Russell Brand and celebrities. After Russell Brand made her controversial comments, the vegan teacher produced a video response to his comments and uploaded it to YouTube.

While many are outraged by her videos, there are also many vegans who are glad to have her followers. She also has a YouTube channel, which has over 24k subscribers, and a Spotify channel. Though she has not yet spoken about the recent TikTok ban, it is clear that she has many more channels to promote her brand.


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Regarding educating TikTok personality and content creators, she gained fame by posting silly and cheerful videos on her vegetarian teacher account. Before her account was banned in February 2021, her videos continued to receive more than 29 million likes on the platform. Before becoming famous, she was a registered nurse before finding a job as a primary school teacher. Trivia She used the video “It’s wrong to eat animals, McDonald’s!” to go viral on the Internet. She has a dog named Bella. Once, she had an argument with content creator John Robert Bell.

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