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What is the Current Number of TOP?

In this article we will take a look at the current number of votes received by other top schools. You may be surprised by how many votes other schools have received, and how they are faring in the Top 25 poll. In the previous article we looked at the number of votes received by Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, and Penn State.

Other top schools receiving votes

In addition to Notre Dame, Marshall was one of three Sun Belt Conference teams to upset a top college football program on Saturday. Marshall was ranked first among other schools receiving votes. Notre Dame, meanwhile, dropped to 36th, sandwiched between Air Force and Washington State. Notre Dame lost its game against Appalachian State, 17-14, despite outgaining its opponent by 13 yards. Notre Dame also threw three interceptions, which contributed to its loss.

Clemson remains the highest ranked ACC team, with North Carolina State moving up four spots to No. 12. Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and Syracuse all fell out this week. Syracuse, meanwhile, received a bump in the poll after beating Purdue in the last second. Meanwhile, five other ACC programs remain ranked, with four dropping out of the top 25.

Other top schools receiving votes: Appalachian State University is ranked near the top. It delivered a full-court press of voter engagement events, including in-class presentations, virtual events, and voter registration booths at college activities fairs. Additionally, the school hired two election fellows to help increase voter registration on campus.

To calculate these rankings, U.S. News relies on surveys of faculty and students from schools in the country. This way, it can incorporate data that is unavailable elsewhere. It also uses data collected through peer assessment surveys. The survey questions are aligned with the Common Data Set for 2021-2022. The Common Data Set is an effort by the publishing industry and higher education to collect more accurate data on faculty and undergraduates.

Despite the recent struggles of its athletic program, Texas remains a tough job to leave off the list. After all, the Longhorns have not won a Big 12 title since 2009. The upcoming season will be an opportunity to bring back the Big 12 title to the Texas campus. The future is bright for the Longhorns.

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