Zak Bagans phone number


Host of the Travel Channel’s paranormal series Ghost Adventures who founded the Ghost Adventures Crew. 

Before Fame

He found work as a wedding DJ after graduating from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. 


He hosted the series Paranormal Challenge in 2011. 

Family Life

In 2019, he began dating Holly Madison. He was previously in a relationship with Christine Dolce. 

Associated With

He co-starred in Ghost Adventures with Aaron Goodwin. 

How do you find the telephone numbers available on your website?
It’s very simple! We search the internet and sometimes our users send us the correct numbers. Remember that the number you find with us does not have to be correct!

How do I get a phone number for Zak Bagans ?
Click the button on the page and then follow the instructions on the screen. It will take you several minutes to complete all the steps.

Are there any rules for using the downloaded number?
Of course there are. Remember not to call Zak Bagans dozens of times a day. Remember that he is very busy and will not always have time to pick up. Also, remember that there are others who want to call Zak Bagans . You are not the only fan of him, so let other people talk to him.

How often are the numbers on your website updated?
We only update the numbers when someone notifies us that they are not working. We read comments and messages from our users to do all this on a regular basis.

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